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  1. A

    Autopilot system acting weird on 2020.20.12?

    First of all, a disclaimer that I haven't experienced this personally, but only 2nd hand from my mom. But since the 2020.20.12 update apparently our model 3 (with FSD and HW3) has been behaving weirdly. Yesterday, the car (in autopilot) changed 2 lanes at once while on the freeway (which it...
  2. Matias

    Supercharging billing bug?

    Couple of users in Finland have today reported, that Tesla has billed them 65 kWh for supercharging, although they have charged less. Have other noticed this?
  3. A

    Triple right click on left scroller on steering wheel

    My screen reboots. Anyone experiencing the same? Happens when I triple click and then hold the last click