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bug report

  1. M

    New update 2022.36.20 missing screen capture

    Hello I got the new update 2022.36.20 However I am missing screen capture, that I used to report issues on FSD Has any one noticed the same ? Looks like “Bug report “ seems to be the only way we transmit our issues Any comments ?
  2. hmmm

    Bug Report for 2021.24.28: Odometer Stuck. Anyone else?

    So, I received that build last night (2016 AP1, MS75) and there is something very wrong (or very right if you're a scammer...). Basically, the odometer (as well as trip 1 and 2, miles since last charge etc) was stuck. Meaning you could potentially drive 100,000 extra miles and resell the car...
  3. MarkS22

    Bug Report for 2021.44.25.6: No Audio

    Performance Model 3 in the FSD Beta. I installed the new firmware and immediately went to Light Show. The show began with lowering the windows. But then nothing. I tried a few times and the same thing happened. Then I tried Spotify. And Netflix. And Caraoke. And normal streaming. No audio...
  4. LeeStafford11

    Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

    tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not...
  5. R

    Bug Reporting

    Newbie here - had my '21 M3 for a month. How can I report bugs to Tesla 'after the fact' as opposed to using a voice report when it happens?
  6. H

    My kid found a camp mode bug

    My 13 year old likes me to push the voice command for her to play whatever. I push voice and she's says "play welcome to the Party". Well instead of playing some Welcome to the Party song, the Tesla turns on Camping Mode. I didn't think it was a big deal until i came out to a nice cool car in...
  7. vbaker

    Model 3 No Entertainment for Passenger

    I have been waiting for an update to fix this, but a ~quick~ search shows no one has made this complaint yet. So how could it get fixed? I often return to the Model 3 before my spouse and the infotainment and climate turn on when I open the passengers side door, but when I sit down and close...
  8. J

    Sentry mode at night

    Hello, I just received 2019.12.11 on my 2017 S100D AP2.0 and I wanted to test sentry mode. Works fine during daytime but I can't make it work at night. Also I noticed that the steering wheels buttons are illuminated although the car is locked. Does anybody encounter the same issue? Thank you.
  9. David29

    Network down again?

    About 12:30 Eastern, my streaming audio, internet radio, and voice commands (at least for the Bug report I was trying to make) all stopped working. Plus I could not reach the car from my mobile app. This is similar-sounding to what some people reported a few days ago when the servers...
  10. S

    BUG - Rear View Camera issue

    When you press the Media Player icon while the car is in Reverse the rear view camera display disappears. The view changes to the Navigation screen. All the other icons do not have this issue. You can press the rear view camera icon to get it back. I am on software 2018.28.2. I notified...
  11. S

    Funny Bug Report speech interpretations

    File this in the Humor category. Yesterday we got a big laugh when we went to send in a navigation bug report. This was up in Redwood City on El Camino and turning at the street where Eco Green Auto Clean was. Pressed the speak button and husband relayed something like "Bug report. Navigation...
  12. boaterva

    Bug Report Voice Command..... Useless?

    Click Baity title on purpose... I've been recommending people do this on Reddit for things like the dead backup camera issue and other issues where a car snapshot would be of use, and someone mentioned today that 'they have been told several times by techs that the reports made by 'bug report'...