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bug reports

  1. A

    TuneIn Radio stations flickering between Play and Pause

    Hey guys, The TuneIn Radio stations on my 2021 Model 3 LR has been flickering for the past 2 updates (few months already). It randomly happened one day and I have tried to reset the car by pressing both buttons on the steering wheel down until the Tesla logo re-appears on the screen. It fixed...
  2. D

    Is it worth reporting bugs?

    I still report bugs, particularly phantom braking, by hitting voice assistant and saying "Bug report: phantom braking" and it goes through. Is it even worth doing that? In this age of AI learning everything, does reporting like this even do anything?
  3. Kee_Chain

    2021.4.10 Bugs

    Hello everyone, On my Model Y, I have noticed two frequent bugs on 2021.4.10. The first is visualizations (Lanes, Cars, Traffic signs, Traffic lights, etc) not showing on the screen. Only the Model Y render displays on the screen. This problem only occurs when I start a fresh drive (Twice...
  4. Paul Leopardi

    How does Tesla track bugs vs releases?

    This topic has been mentioned before, but I still find it terribly opaque. How does Tesla track bugs? How do they perform software merges? How do they target releases for specific bug fixes? It all serms very mysterious as opposed to my experience with open source software such as gcc. For...
  5. Beta V

    "Bug Report"

    Did anyone know that you can tap the Voice button and say "Bug Report" to get the system to record screen shots off all screens and submit a special entry in your system log so the teams at Tesla can figure out what you're seeing and try to fix it? No, I hadn't either. I can wait to try it...