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business model

  1. Hubster

    (UK) - INSURANCE for company policy - ouch!

    Hi - has anyone here (in the UK) tried adding a MX to their fleet policy? I'm collecting my Model X this Saturday and my business fleet insurers (AXA) have a decent premium BUT a £2,500 excess even for the windscreen! Direct Line (as recommended by Tesla) won't cover a business-owned vehicle...
  2. Mknac

    Auto Dealerships - good article if you haven't seen it

  3. Haxster

    Why was the Model 3 not called the Model 4?

    Originally code-named "Tesla BlueStar" in Tesla's 2007 business plan, the Model 3 was to be Tesla's third vehicle. Tesla: A Carmaker With Silicon Valley Spark Somehow, the Model X squeezed in between the Model S and the Model 3 (initially intended to be named the Model E...E sort of looks like...
  4. dauger

    Harvard Business Review: Tesla’s Not as Disruptive as You Might Think

    A surprisingly ill-informed study at the Harvard Business School is highlighted in this article: Tesla’s Not as Disruptive as You Might Think - HBR I'd say is a good case of GIGO. A few of us might like to point out their flaws. I did.
  5. Johann Koeber

    Model S sans battery

    After having announced fast battery swapping, I wonder if the next logical step might be a slight change in the business model. Why doesn't TESLA offer the option to buy a model S without any battery. Swap in as needed. Pay as you go. You would be charged for the swap plus a time based fee...