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  1. fastp3d

    Tesla Podium at Global Time Attack *Video*

    Happy to report my 2nd place podium at Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow. I competed in Enthusiast class which limited my setup but was still a great challenge. My tires were one of the biggest limiting factors. I was restricted to 255 with a minimum 220 tread wear. I also needed to include all...
  2. fastp3d

    Setting My Sights on the Track Record. Video and Car Specs!

    I recently ran Buttonwillow for a personal best at 1:57.3. That was the last session of the day! I'm a close second to the Tesla street record by 1.5secs. I'll have another go in December at Tesla Corsa with more upgrades to come! My car setup: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance on Track Mode v2...
  3. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance - Model Y Track Testing at Buttonwillow Raceway!

    The team at Unplugged Performance was able to test our Model Y Performance's track capabilities this past weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway. The results were astounding to say the least, with a best lap time clocked in at 2:01.92! For comparison, this time was enough to beat a stock 997 911 Turbo...
  4. MoreAgain

    (Lack of) Track Mode Blues

    Feeling down in the dumps because all the cool kids have the Performance Model 3 with Track Mode V2 while you're riding around with slip start? Maybe you've tried out Dyno mode and ended up in a ditch or spun around doing donuts. But, what can you do to actually get better lap times? Well...
  5. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Sets Multiple Lap Records at Buttonwillow Raceway

    We are happy to announce that last Saturday at TeslaCorsa 8 we broke some lap time records at Buttonwillow! It was an amazing 8th TeslaCorsa event for all and many drivers had new personal bests! The XPO Sales x Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 ran a 1:54.6 on race rubber and a 1:57.9 on...
  6. beastmode13

    First Time at Buttonwillow

    It was awesome having @mcbarnet007 showing me the lines for my first track day at BRP. This was a two-day SCCA event. I was able to get four 20min sessions on Saturday, then three 20min sessions on Sunday. BRP was a fun track, but visually it was difficult to remember the turns, especially...
  7. J

    Join the team to make car racing history - first electric car to win amateur endurance road race

    Click here to support Modelo 3 Libre organized by Modelo 3 Libre Join the team to make car racing history - the first to win an amateur endurance road race in an electric car! Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID 82-4249113). Fiero Libre, the storied 24 Hours of Lemons luchador car racing...
  8. MountainPass

    Vendor Buttonwillow CW13 Track Guide

    Hey Guys, With Tesla Corsa coming up this weekend I thought it would be helpful to post a Model 3 specific track guide for Buttonwillow CW13. I hope those of you planning to attend that track find it useful! For the best formatting and full-size data images you can visit the original article...
  9. MoreAgain

    TeslaCorsa - Buttonwillow - RWD Model 3 Lap

    Amazing event put on this weekend by UnPlugged Performance and Speed Ventures! While the top times all went to the Performance models, there was still plenty of fun to be had for those of us with RWD. Now we just need Track Mode made available for all models - why should the Performance...
  10. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP At Global Time Attack Superlap With A P3D! Nov 8/9

    Hey everyone. Excited to announce that we are heading down to California again, this time to compete in the premiere Time Attack event in North America - Global Time Attack. We thought those of you interested in the performance potential of the P3D would be excited to follow along with the...
  11. Larry93428

    Teslas delivered by diesel at Buttonwillow.

    Across the street from the Buttonwillow Supercharger this morning. Driver asked why I was taking photos. Told him I was driving a Tesla. I pointed out the charger across the street. ~Larry