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    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    My model 3 which is under 1 year old, with recurrent safety restraint issues, repaired 4 times, the first time just diagnostic, second, third and fourth with parts replaced. Did well for a month after last repair, back to same issues, including complete brake failure last time. I have initiated...
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    Tesla does it right ... by me. Happy endings

    Summary: Hopefully this (long) post, in good faith, will provide some reference point(s) to folks, who are in a similar situation as me. My inventory car purchase did not work out well for me & the cost of saving about $6000/- was not worth the experience I went through. I would like to...
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    Substitution of collateral

    Has anyone done a Substitution of Collateral with Tesla? Thanks!
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    Bought/picked up CPO Saturday, had to get serviced next day

    Basically what happened was that I bought a MS 2013 CPO ~90K miles. I picked it up this past Saturday and then Sunday the car began to shut down in the middle of the highway right after charging to ~70%, so I had it towed to a conveniently located Tesla Service Center. I got the car in Palm...