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  1. M

    What outstanding issues to expect on a MX today?

    Been reading the various helpful comments and feedback from members here. Great forum! I know some features are being addressed still by Tesla, but regarding some items I’m reading about, can anyone comment on what to expect in a MX purchased today? Specifically: - front doors opening...
  2. MrNik

    Outright buying a Tesla via limited company

    I’m planning to outright buy a Tesla MY through my business/limited company. I do not mean Hire purchase or contract hire. I mean pay the full amount and outright buy it (ofcourse assume I have comfortably enough amount) - So wanted to know if this is a good idea ? - Has anyone here bought one...
  3. T

    Buy Model 3 Now or Wait? [jan 2023]

    Hi y'all - first time poster here. I've had my eye on buying a Model 3 for at least 5 years now, and finally have the funds to make it happen. With the recent price drop and the federal tax credit becoming available again, I'm thinking that now might finally be the time to buy. However, I have...
  4. B

    Is this a good deal for a used 2019 Model 3 LR w/FSD $46500 63k miles

    Seems like prices keep going up on on the used market. Put down a deposit for a 2019 Model 3 LR RWD w/ FSD with 63,500 miles with a private seller in orange county. Listed at $48500, price dropped to $47k recently. It needs 2 tires so agreed on price of $46,500. Good deal? Thank you! Some more...
  5. L

    Anyone interested in selling their Roadster?

    I am interested in buying one, ideally a R80 in great shape. Decided to try my luck here, in case someone is thinking about selling theirs! Thanks!
  6. D

    2018 Model X 75D

    Hi all! New to the forum, but have been following Teslas for a long time. Finally decided to jump and get a Tesla X. I have found a Tesla for sale and would like some advice. This Tesla comes with a 8 year warranty (there was a time when Teslas were sold with a 8 year, 160k km warranty). My...
  7. M

    Buying P85D/P90D (2014-2016)

    Hey folks, Just got out of my C63 AMG and now in the market for a p85d model s. (Will also consider a model 3 performance) Im hoping to spend anywhere from 33k-37k. Reach me by email if you have something close! [email protected] Thanks, J
  8. J

    WTB: 20" Induction Wheels Model Y San Diego

    Hello All, I am looking to buy a set of 20" induction wheels for the model Y in San Diego. Ideally looking to buy with TPMS and maybe the Tires. DM Me.
  9. M

    First Time Model S Buyer

    Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I mess something up. I am looking at buying my first model S but need some help. It is a 2013 Model S Signature 60 KWH (191 miles per charge). The car has 175k miles on it, has no accidents, and has a clean title. Black with black leather. Tech...
  10. RubinRA

    [Mistake - Resolved] LR AWD price drops $1300--What would you do?

    I ordered a blue LR AWD w 18" aero wheels, have the VIN, have insurance, am paid in full, due to be delivered in 3 days, and now the configurator shows a $56,990 price. I paid $58,290. I haven't taken delivery yet. Should I ask for my money back, re-order, and wait another 6-8 weeks (if Tesla...
  11. Probllama

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Want to keep this as simple as possible, yes or no please. It doesn't have to be the same configuration as your current Model 3, just simply whether you would buy another Model 3 or not. If your needs have changed and you would prefer a different type of vehicle (ICE or SUV etc) but you liked...
  12. S

    Clean shiny salvage Tesla, should I buy this? - Noob question

    Dear TMC, I hope y'all can lend your expertise. I am looking to buy this salvage Tesla model 3: https://www.copart.com/lot/43338679 I understand that initially the updates may not work, but that can be fixed. Also that I cannot get supercharging, which I don't need. Finally, I understand that...
  13. T

    Looking for X 100D 2018/2019

    Hey there! Looking to buy a used Model X 100D (Long Range) 2018 or 2019. I'm aware of what's on carsales, and that there's no demo units available at tesla.com for months now. Anyone looking to sale and upgrade to Raven? :-)
  14. Y

    I want to buy a Tesla and i was wondering what you guys think would be the best way to do it.

    So basically my question is this, Would it be a smarter choice to lease a car or get a loan from the bank and pay for the car outright and then pay back the loan on an agrees upon minimum amount? I am looking to get a new car soon and i have been contemplating this for some time now. Also...
  15. IgorAntarov

    Quiz - Your perfect electric car

    Hi, everyone we've made fun but serious quiz — "Your perfect electric car." Your perfect electric car It's a 1-minute test that helps to find the right electric vehicle according to the given requirements. This is not a final version, and we need feedback from the EV Community. — Is it...
  16. L

    WTB Used Tesla Model S for trip around the US 10/1/19 - 4/30/20

    Hi everyone We (my girlfriend and I) are from Switzerland and we will be on a 7 month trip around the US from Oct 1st 2019 till Apr 30th 2020, start and end in Miami, FL, and we would be interested in buying a used Tesla as cheap as possible (probably high milage, older model). We already have...
  17. Mata Hari

    New to Tesla... Question

    I am in the market for a CPO Tesla. There are several listed with local or do you were ships, but the dealership seems unfamiliar enough to tell me exactly what features the vehicle has. Is there an “about“ screen that I can access in the car to tell me what features and upgrades it has? I...
  18. W

    Looking for a used Model S, 2017/2018

    If you're in California and have a used Model S for sale, or know anyone that does, please let me know! I'm looking for one under 10k miles. The VIN numbers would be greatly appreciated if you are selling, so I can do an auto check with it. Any tips I need to know before buying a Used Tesla...
  19. J

    Looking for anyone's recent experience in buying an Inventory TMS

    I've reviewed the forum and apologize if I've overlooked someone's post, but I'm wondering if anyone could explain their experience in buying an inventory car through Tesla? How long did the process take, did you trade-in your previous vehicle, were there notable issues, how much were you able...
  20. S

    Anyone else with an awful used buying experience?

    I am somebody who is normally understanding and EXTREMELY level headed as I work retail and have to deal with clients who are sometimes not having a good time with a purchase, and try to make the best of it. I also try and make sure that the customer is taken care of, however I have had one of...
  21. F

    Buying Tesla with Bitcoin / Crypto ?

    Hi! is anybody having experience buying Tesla with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Probably it is not possible to purchase a car with crypto from a company? I have heard some people bought Tesla with bitcoin so I am interested how? Thank you for your answers! Tim
  22. Big4Blue

    New S Owner: My First Tesla Buying Experience, Growing Pains

    Not sure where to post this, but saw the article stating this forum is where to post feedback to escalations. I have been sitting on this for a few weeks. Updates to my story below: I finally decided to join the EV World. After doing the most exhaustive research I have ever done for my next...
  23. Warm

    Hulp bij beoordeling van technische staat van occasie Model S

    Dag allemaal. Aangezien mijn budget me geen door Tesla aangeboden occasion toelaat (laat staan een nieuwe), heb ik het voorbije jaar regelmatig tweedehands sites in de gaten gehouden. De vraagprijzen van particuliere verkopers komen steeds meer in de buurt van het mogelijke. Ondanks ik redelijk...
  24. elmos_world

    Buying Model S or X with Autopilot 2

    Hello. I am looking to buy a Model S or X, definitely with Autopilot 2(enabled or not, 2.0 or 2.5 doesn't matter), for up to 60k. I also need premium upgrades package (for HEPA filters) and if you have UHFS and/or SAS that's even better. I may be able to go higher after I sell my current car(s)...
  25. elmos_world

    Looking for Autopilot 2 Model S or X to Buy

    Hello. I am looking to buy a Model S or X, definitely with Autopilot 2(enabled or not), for up to 65k. I also need premium upgrades package (for HEPA filters) and if you have UHFS and/or SAS that's even better. I may be able to go higher after I sell my current car(s). Colors don't matter. Car...
  26. Gwgan

    AFDC Vehicle Cost Calculator

    I just came across this calculator and did not find it mentioned here yet so here it is Alternative Fuels Data Center: Vehicle Cost Calculator If you have the kWh/100mi value for an electric car you can create your own entry. According to Tesla accidentally reveals Model 3 efficiency hinting at...
  27. P

    Model S or Model X?

    I'm trying to decide between ordering a model s or a model x - what are some pros and cons for both? Which one do you like better and why? I'm leaning towards a Model X since I'm pretty tall and would like to have the extra cabin space for traveling. I've heard some opinions in favor of both...
  28. P

    Looking to buy a Model X with EAP

    I'm looking to buy a Model X. It has to have Enhanced Autopilot. It would be great to have PUP, and 6 seats, but not 100% necessary. Any battery size is okay, but the bigger the better. Budget is around $75k. I have a few cars I might put an offer on, but wanted to post here and see if anyone...
  29. R

    I need a Front Bumper

    Hello is anyone selling a facelift tesla model s pearl white front bumper?
  30. ahirbe

    Used Model S Qustions

    I am looking into buying a used Model S in a few months and have started to look at the cars extensively to see features and differences between them as well as what I can and cannot live without. My question to you gurus on here is if my max budget is around 55K what is the best option for me...
  31. A

    Red Brake Calipers Wanted

    Bought a new Model X few weeks ago and the won't let me order the red calipers. Does anyone have a set they are selling that will work for my 75D. I do have 22" black stock rims from Tesla (not sure that matters). Thanks and msg me if you have a pair. PS: I assume I can install them at a local...
  32. P

    WTB: Model S 85/85D/90/90D

    Hey everyone - I am looking to get my first Tesla and would like one 2014 or newer with Autopilot, leather, pano, and PUP if possible. Looking in the $55-65k range. I have a few good options already, but want to see what else is out there. If anyone has an S that they are selling or are about...
  33. T

    90D or P100D?

    My order will confirm tomorrow, and I am torn. I am probably going with the 6 seat model X for my family of 6. Thinking that not having the 7th seat will actually make the interior feel bigger and have more room for stuff on longer trips. The real hard question for me though, is 90D vs P100D...
  34. P

    WTB 2014 or newer Tesla

    So I am looking to buy a Tesla . I want one that is at least 2014 with autopilot and probably 85 or higher for the extra range. My budget is around $50k for a Model S or $60k for a Model X. I am looking to pay that amount in cash and the rest in digital advertising services and consulting...
  35. J

    Damaged Tesla

    Because i drive a lot, i was looking into tesla cars. My budget is 50.000 Euro. There is a super charger station at my work and near my house. The cheapest tesla here is 70.000 euro used with around 40.000 KM. I was wondering if you could grade these 2 vehicles. on points like : Damage to the...
  36. V

    60D Confirmed! My Buying Decision Process

    My Tesla Model S was confirmed last week. I wanted to share my reasons for our decisions since it took considerable time and effort to research the options (over 10 hours!). This forum was great to do the research but it was essential to visit the design center and test drive both the Model S...
  37. D

    Buy or Lease Model 3

  38. R

    Buying cars like we buy computers -- direct from the manufacturer

    I just published this short article, titled, Why Can’t We Buy Cars the Way We Buy Computers? Why Can’t We Buy Cars the Way We Buy Computers? You can rad it at this above URL.
  39. A

    A few things to know about buying a USED Model S...

    I am awaiting delivery of my used 2013 Model S from Tesla! Here are a few things I learned in the buying process: Where to buy: If you buy used directly from Tesla, you get a 4 year/48k bumper to bumper warranty, and the prices seem competitive with other sellers. There are some available...
  40. S

    Tesla Roadster For Sale in UK

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and would like to share that I know of green Tesla Roadster EU Signature Sport 250 Edition 290BHP 2010 (10) for sale. Its up for £49,950.00 from Liberty Leasing on AutoTrader. I don't work for them it just looks like a nice car if anyone was interested. Thanks :smile: