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  1. trus

    Black vs white interior

    I have been planning to order a new Model S, however, I have been stuck between the black and white interior. Do the materials at all feel different, and is the black interior more practical long-term compared to the white, etc?
  2. T

    Interior Cabin Temperature Sensor (2022 Model S Plaid)

    Hi all, I've got cabin overheat protection activated and received a notification today. It's about 72F outside and the app is reporting that the cabin is 102F...I'm thinking something is wrong with the cabin temperature sensor...Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody know where the...
  3. B

    Interior, exterior and driving experience within spec??

    Hi everybody. Hope everybody is safe and sound. I recently picked up a Model Y. Was told that the fit and finish is within spec by the sales associate. What do you guys think? In addition to the fit and finish, the two biggest concerns I have are cabin noise and driving experience. 1. Can hear...
  4. C

    Centre Console heater not blowing any air to 2nd row

    Hi, just picked up a new MX last weekend (great service from Heathrow new customer collection team, btw). Having gone over the entire car very carefully I've found a few minor issues which I'm sure can be fixed in the bodyshop and will get it booked in (mostly alignment of chrome and a couple of...
  5. E

    Cabin Heat / Speed Interplay on kWh/mile

    Here is the thought problem. Its a very cold day. I have to drive 60 miles to my destination. Assume, just as an example, cabin heater needs to draw 5 kW to maintain a given cabin temperature. What would be the ideal speed to drive at for the least kWh/mile for this trip? Obviously if you are...
  6. ConcordeSST

    Strange window fogging

    I've been noticing the strangest thing with my driver's side window ever since it's been below freezing in my area. Most often during hard acceleration, I'll notice the driver's side window fogging. But only that window. The window will be fine as I'm driving normally, and then instantly fog up...
  7. T

    How does the Bio Weapon filter work?

    Hey Guys I am curious to know how the bio weapon filter works in the MX. Does the filter only filters the air coming from out side or does it also filters the air with in the cabin. A few days ago, I order fast food and turned on the bio weapon to filter out the food odours but I couldn't...