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cable organizer

  1. P

    Help finding a non destructive alternative to a wire tap to power accessories only when car is in use, but not when parked (even with Sentry active)

  2. mtbwalt

    Bicycle repair stand as a satisfactory charging cord organizer

    So I had a Park Tools bicycle repair stand sitting in my garage and it remains unoccupied by my bikes 99.99% of the time. Turns out it makes a fine cord organizer for my Tesla Wall Connector cable. I run the cable up the pole of the repair stand, gentle clamp it in the stand grip, and leave...
  3. B

    Wall charger cable management ideas/solutions?

    Hi, I'm thinking about my upcoming wall charger install. Unfortunately it needs to be positioned on the house wall in a carport. Problem is that this is a pathway for kids, bikes, prams and whatever (not happy about having all of them passing next to the car!), they walk between the car and...
  4. Daniellane

    Tesla Cable Organizer Fixed!

    I have 2 Tesla Model S/X/3 Cable Organizers installed as part of our dual wall charger setup. They really do a terrible job holding the connector in place until now... I just did this nifty little upgrade to the cable management setup that solved this issue. Here is our load sharing setup:
  5. Andrew

    Charging cable festoon in our garage

    Our driveway has a tight turn, so backing in the 3 (to get the charge port near the wall) isn't a good option (and the driver's door would be too close to our work bench, making it difficult to get in and out). We also have to zig-zag back-and-forth a few times to get into the garage, often...
  6. R

    Cable organizer?

    Do I need to order this or something like it? It's the cable organizer from the Tesla shop. I ask because I'm expecting delivery soon and not sure if the standard charging cable that comes with the Model S comes with something like this. I could get this or just drill a short post into the...
  7. vandacca

    Will Model-S Cable Organizer work with updated Wall Charger?

    Getting my Wall Charger installed next week in preparation for my Model-X and I was wondering if the Cable Organizer in the Model-S Store will work with the updated Wall Charger? Are the two handles compatible?