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  1. C

    Length and Amp rating of Type 2 Cable

    I'm looking to by a type 2 to type 2 cable. The ones I'm looking at come in lengths of 5-10m. What is your experience with your length of cable? What length would you recommend? Any benefits to getting a longer one? Thanks!
  2. C

    Tesla Charging Equipment in Australia

    Hi All, I'm expecting a Model Y later this year and I've been tossing up over which charging equipment for portable charging I really need. As a newbie, my understanding is that 1) a type 2 to type 2 cable is definitely needed for public charging. 2) a type 2 to type 1 adaptor would be helpful...
  3. joexn

    Cable routing from cabin to frunk

    Hi all, I'm looking to route a cable from inside the cabin (ideally passenger footwell) to the 12V battery in the frunk. The cable needs to somehow get from inside the car to the frunk but I cant find any schematics online. I'm hoping there is a nice access grommet behind some of the carpet...
  4. C

    Supercharger cable stuck

    My family and I embarked on 3500 mile road trip this morning in our 4 month old LR AWD MY. We pulled in to charge at the Goodland, KS, supercharger for our first stop 200 miles down the road and started charging. After a few minutes there was a "Charging equipment reports error" message and the...
  5. W

    Trunk not opening from app, button or screen

    Unfortunately I cannot open the trunk anymore from the screen, app or button on the trunk. The mechanical release still works (but people look weird at me when opening the trunk like that...so I prefer the normal way of opening ;-). I already had the Tesla ranger (have to say, very friendly and...
  6. john19951

    What is length of Tesla 13A 3 pin cable supplied with an M3

    Thank you
  7. Exscite

    Cellphone tray modification for tall phones, model 3

    I have equipped my (pretty tall) Galaxy Note-9 cellphone with "Wsken Magnetic USB Type C Cable – Android Charger adapter". I love the convenience, but using this adopter in my phone, makes it impossible to just lay the phone in my Tesla Model-3 tray, for charging on the go. It is just too tall...
  8. ZachieD

    Preferred Charging Cable Organizer

    hi All, My 20+ foot charging cable is a pain to deal with in the garage as it gets tangled up in my family’s bikes and scooters, etc. What solutions do those of you with the cable charger use? Have you tried either of these latest options, the new Tesla charging cable organizer or the taptes...
  9. Walter Nadeau

    Want to Buy or Trade- Need 18' HPWC Cable, have 8' cable.

    Good day, I have the HPWC unit with the 8' cable for my Model 3. Now that we are buying a Model Y, I need a longer cable so it will reach both vehicles. I THINK you can just swap them inside the HPWC, though it has been a while since I installed it. AAAAAAnyway, If you have a long cord and want...
  10. D

    WTB or trade; need a lightning cable for phone docking kit, have a micro USB cable

    Buy or trade; need a new or used lightning cable for my new (incorrect) console docking kit that came with a micro USB cable. Used to be every car came with a docking kit with both cables. So I know there are many unused short 90 degree lightning cables out there:-/ (Now the kits are on...
  11. X

    [Resolved - Inaccurate] Model 3 no longer delivered with lightning /USB-C cable

    I got my model 3 delivered today and as I was doing my walk through I noticed that my car did not have the Lighting/USB-C cables. I told this to the person assisting me and she said that Tesla was no longer giving those cables out to model 3 owners and that they had to be purchased separately...
  12. D

    WTB: Roadster Mobile Cable (working or non-working)

    I am hoping to get a couple spares (I have a few friends/relatives that have Roadsters too). Pretty much just want as spares, so hoping to not pay too much.. It be for use in the US, but if the mobile connector is for a 230 market, I might be interested too.
  13. M

    12Volt trunk/Frunk Cable Routing on 3D.

    I have a project goal to add 12Vdc power ports to both the Frunk and Trunk areas. I have seen @Ingineer's videos regarding harvesting the available tap on vcLeft. Was wondering the following: Does anyone have experience/insights into optimal cable routing paths to bring 12Vdc to the frunk and...
  14. Andrew

    Charging cable festoon in our garage

    Our driveway has a tight turn, so backing in the 3 (to get the charge port near the wall) isn't a good option (and the driver's door would be too close to our work bench, making it difficult to get in and out). We also have to zig-zag back-and-forth a few times to get into the garage, often...
  15. R

    Cable organizer?

    Do I need to order this or something like it? It's the cable organizer from the Tesla shop. I ask because I'm expecting delivery soon and not sure if the standard charging cable that comes with the Model S comes with something like this. I could get this or just drill a short post into the...
  16. M

    Tesla Model X with CAN adapter cable and OBDII Dongle. Warranty Problems?

    Hi all, I am planning to use a CAN adapter cable in order to connect an OBDII dongle. Do you think that I will get any warranty problems with Tesla? The car is a leased Model X. Here is the link to the Adapter: Tesla Model S, Model X, Roadster OBD2/CAN adapter cable Thanks for considering my...
  17. KinjaChris

    Holder for tesla charging wand

    i found this by accident... The wand for the tesla charger fits perfectly in a wall holder for a big maglight flashlight. The kind that holds the big flashlights that run on D batteries. It's just the right amount of grip to hold it without scratching it. The narrow wall hook from Home...
  18. raetser

    Charging cables with built-in electronics to open chargeport and disconnect cable.

    Dear enthousiasts, As a big Tesla Model S fan and a practical minded human being, I have developed a very nice solution for Tesla model S and future Model X charging cables. Just as with the Supercharger cables, our cables have an integrated button that opens the chargeport when pushed...
  19. mnx

    Electric Cable for sale in Ontario 4C 2AWG 80 feet

    Selling 80ft of 4 conductor 2 AWG Teck Cable. $500obo This is a deal for my fellow Tesla owners as it retails for >12$ per foot! Pictures on kijiji @ 80ft 4C 2AWG Teck Cable - Hamilton Buy Sell Items - Kijiji Hamilton It's overkill for a HPWC installation, but if you're putting in a subpanel...
  20. P

    Bad UMC: Model S not charging

    After commenting just 20 min ago how much I enjoy the Model S, I came home this evening, plugged in Model S and then: 1) Model S locked the charging cable to the car and wouldn't release and wasn't charging 2) Somehow, I got it to release the charging cable (via Open Charge Port, pushing the...
  21. ModelS1079

    Incoming utility cable capacity - A cautionary tale

    Misadventures in Charging- Hold - keep this thread. Happened last night. Gotta run but will share the story ASAP. Yes the car is fine. Yes my wife and kids are too! [Moderator Note: Inflammatory title edited.]

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