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  1. C

    MY Adaptors needed

    For a 2022-2023 MY. If I were to charge at say an Ampol DC fast charger with a CCS/SAE head. Do I need an adaptor that converts the CCS/SAE head? Also, what type of socket does a 2022-2023 MY have anyways? Thanks!
  2. M

    Charging cable recommendations please?

    I’ve decided to go for the Easee One charger, but it doesn’t come with a cable. I’m looking for a good quality 10m straight Type 2 cable in black. Would be grateful for any recommendations please?
  3. jaminitup

    Trade-In, What do you need to take? (Cables, USB etc?)

    Hi All I'm looking at trading in my Model 3 when the Y delivery date finally arrives. Do Tesla require you to hand it in with all the charging cables, type 2 & 3-pin? What about the USB sentry stick, that I replaced when it was bought, and I no longer have... ? Do they also inspect the...
  4. P

    Where can I rent an EDR kit in the Puget Sound area?

    The camera recording system wasn't enabled when I was rear-ended after the car phantom braked. Other driver is denying responsibility despite very likely following too close. I need the proof for my Insurance claim, and Tesla isn't cooperating. This accident injured my spine and I'm unable to...
  5. ACarneiro

    Short 3Ph Type 2 charging cable

    Hello everyone Wondering if I could tap into the collective knowledge: I'm trying to buy a 2m long type 2 charging cable capable of 22kW charging. There are multiple websites that sell cables but they always seem to be 5m or longer. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells 2m charging cables...
  6. phillcom3

    5m extention type 2

    Has anyone used one of these are they any good? Tesla Model 3 EV - 5m Extension Cable
  7. dalec

    Type 2 charge cable recommendation?

    Hi guys, the car has arrived. I want to be able to charge at Chargefox chargers, so I believe I need a Type 2 cable. Has anyone got recommendations for what I should buy? Is there any gotchas? Power ratings to consider? Expected cost? Reliable suppliers? I’m basically looking for your...
  8. B

    Wall charger cable management ideas/solutions?

    Hi, I'm thinking about my upcoming wall charger install. Unfortunately it needs to be positioned on the house wall in a carport. Problem is that this is a pathway for kids, bikes, prams and whatever (not happy about having all of them passing next to the car!), they walk between the car and...
  9. Sandman1962

    Running cables from frunk to cabin?

    Hello! Those in the know, please chime in! I am working on a couple different projects which require running some cabling from the frunk of the Model X to the cabin. If you could advise me, I would certainly appreciate it as I could not figure out an easy way. I am probably missing...