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  1. mwu

    Yet Another Cost Calculator

    I made my own cost calculator based heavily on one I found somewhere (I can't remember where -- if you recognize it, please tell me so I can give credit). The justification for yet another calculator was to review monthly expenses the car would bring to convince myself and my wife that we could...
  2. jkirkwood001

    Want to compare the est. costs of various Tesla configs? in CA$?

    There are a number of Model 3 cost calculators out there, but I wanted one that did it all in Canadian dollars, so I made my own. I got carried away :) I've posted for anyone to try out here. International Tesla Cost Estimator 2018-03-02 14_31_57-International Tesla Cost Estimator - Google...
  3. Chrisizzle

    How to calculate saved emissions?

    Hello, Does anyone know of an online calculator that can work out the positive benefits of miles driven in an EV? Specifically... I am putting together a business proposal and being 'green' is important to the client. I've driven a Tesla as my primary vehicle for 4 years now. That includes...
  4. C

    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've banged a quick-and-dirty comparison tool together for folks to allow comparing PG&E's current E9-A rate plan versus the upcoming EV-A rate plan. The basic concept is you download hourly historical usage data from PG&E (doesn't matter what rate plan you were on at the time, you can download...