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calendar sync

  1. A

    Where did calendar's phone dial button go?

    I use my 2018 Model 3 dual LR everyday for sales calls... I get in the car start driving -pull up my calendar and call the client to tell them I am on my way. It has been amazing... till the past few months... the phone dial button has dissapeared off my calendar. Now I have to pull over to go...
  2. A

    Google calendar not fully synching

    My wife and I both use Google calendar on Pixel (android) phones. We have the Google calendar app set up to show both our own and each others' calendars on our phone calendar screen (in different colors but on the same screen). However only my Google calendar shows up on our Model 3 and Model...
  3. M

    Automatic Calendar Navigation Not Working

    My iPhone’s calendar automatically syncs to my 2019 Raven Model S, but, even though I have automatic navigation turned on in the car settings, the navigation map does not automatically show directions to the next appointment in my calendar when I get into my car. It used to work some time ago...
  4. ElectricAvenue

    Calendar not syncing on iPhone

    For some reason my Calendar on my iPhone is not syncing with the car. It was working fine before, I have checked all settings and they look good. I am getting the message "Enable calendar access" Any advice?