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call issues

  1. C

    Swapping the oem microphone

    On our 2017 X, the Bluetooth / call microphone is bad. Instead of buying a new from Tesla.(it's not much better on the 2023 plaid. Always using airpods). Is it possible to swap it out with something form a quality brand? Røde etc etc?
  2. V

    Incoming call

    Hello, On my Tesla I have the contact list and last calls shown. But if I get a incoming call it doesn’t show the name, it only shows the number. This is in the smaller window to the left on the screen. Same if I call from the contact list, it doesnt show the contact name. I have a iPhone 11...
  3. B

    Can't contact a human at Service Center

    I tried calling my Service Center today, Lyndhurst Ohio. Humans no longer pick up the phone. The message refers you to the app for online scheduling or chat. Anyone else experience this?
  4. A

    Talking on the phone (in hand/headphones) mutes streaming audio?

    Just got our Model 3 on Monday and have noticed an odd issue with phone calls. Obviously, the phone is connected to Bluetooth, but when I take or make a phone call without using the car, any streaming music stops playing. Anyone else experiencing this? More details: - Phone is connected via BT...
  5. MarkinArch

    Phone Call Echo

    For the past week or so, people on the other end of my calls have been saying they hear a lot of echo. Enough to make a conversation impossible. I have tried recalling, them recalling, calling different phones, and none seem to work. I am on 18.18.3 but the problem started before this. I do...