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  1. J

    Who is Stacey?

    Clearly pronouncing, in plain English, "call Stacey", however always receive error message Cannot complete call. Stacey is a contact. All other contacts work fine, just not Stacey. Interesting is that if I spell the name out... "Call S T A C E Y" the command is recognized and the call is placed...
  2. J

    Calling Tesla Delivery Department

    Hi, has anybody else been able to get thru to a human when attempting to call the Delivery department at any canadian location? I've been trying to call the lawrence service center and nobody ever picks up. I've attempted to leave voice mails as well as tried to be redirected to HQ. When I am...
  3. cmd_keen

    Voice Command for "Dialing" a Number?

    Has anyone figured out how to dial a number, just a number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)? I though that we should be able to say Call or Dial and then a string of numbers, at least I've heard that it is possible, and I've been trying to get it to work. On all my other vehicles with voice commands, it's always...