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camper mode

  1. KenFTL

    Camp Mode Battery Drain - M3

    Hello Everyone. I Tesla-camped Summer 2021 many nights across the NE USA. I also recently completed a 2-day visit to Key West, FL and stayed at a camp site (that didn’t allow Tesla charging 😠). My battery drain rate was mostly in the range of 25%-30% on all of my nights in 2021 and 2022 for...
  2. K

    Safety: Camping

    I’m thinking of camping inside my Model X. I browsed the net and though I didn’t find any stories of Tesla owners camping in their cars falling victim to any crimes, I am still a bit weary of the idea. While campers and RVs can be quite expensive, they are not as exposed as a Model X, nor do...
  3. T

    Camper mode + Entertainment

    This might sound silly, but it's actually something I've been experimenting with all day today. When sleeping in the car there has been a way to put it in "camper mode" before, that is you put the car in neutral, engage the parking brake from the Safety and Security page and then lock the car...
  4. D

    Looking to rent someone's DreamCase for Model S in Southern California

    I'm planning to take a roadtrip later this week and have been wanting to use a DreamCase to sleep on the road rather than stay at hotels. Anyone in or near Orange County have one they're willing to rent out to me from 9/5 to around 9/14? Thanks!
  5. fasteddie7

    Climate always on or precondition?

    Here's a question for the Tesla family: snowy day, 32° F out, expecting 3-5 inches, at work for 8 hours with no covered parking. I leave with 100% and get to work with 80% SOC. Do I : 1. Leave the always on climate at 65 or so to prevent build up of snow on the windows and keep the car...
  6. phaduman

    Posting from inside camper-mode enabled MS

    My son and I are out in Monterey to have some dad-son bonding fun while ladies are out attending wedding out of state. After surfing and dinner, the MS is plugged into a 50AMP (using Tesla supplied 14-50 NEMA adapter) in a close-by RV camp. When we were setting up the rear sleeping area, some...
  7. aikisteve

    Road trip to test out camper mode

    Last weekend I had an aikido seminar to go to in Germany and a 7 hour drive to get there. So, I used this opportunity to test out the new camper mode along the way. Turns out it's working great, as long as you don't forget to turn off the alarm before it wakes you up ;-) Time to break out the...
  8. aikisteve

    Real "camper mode" vs old camper mode

    Hi guys, Made another video, but this time about the new camper mode and how it differs from the old one (which still has its use cases, it seems). Enjoy!