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  1. B

    Power your RV while changing your CyberTruck?

    A must watch for those who want to tow with their CyberTruck and visit campgrounds
  2. B

    CyberTruck towing a 7,000 lb travel trailer

    I finally towed my 33’ 7,000 lb travel trailer with my CyberTruck. I did a roughly 110 mile round trip loop run to test the CyberTrucks ability to tow the trailer as well as test its range. Hope you enjoy!
  3. B

    Can the CyberTruck power an RV?

  4. R

    Expired Mattress (Tescamp) for Model Y - never used! [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Mattress (Tescamp) for Model Y - never used!. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. Colorado Y

    How do I make it shut up!??

    I'm on a road trip in my Y, and last night I parked at a busy roadside rest stop for the night. This morning before sunrise, I needed some facilities that the car doesn't provide, so I hit the door button on one of the rear doors. First time nothing happened - it just woke up the indicator...
  6. S

    WTB Tesla Model Y Camping Gear (tent, bed, etc.) - South Florida (Miami)

    I am buying Tesla Model Y camping gear, including: - a fitted bed (e.g. Tesmat or similar) - a car tent that fixes to the back of the car (such as MKCamp or similar) - anything else that you think would be helpful I am flexible on brands. Pick up/delivery in Miami, Florida.
  7. W

    Trouble sleeping at “private” destination chargers?

    I have been really enjoying camping in the MY recently with the TesCamp. The only thing that makes it better is finding a destination charger along my long roadtrips. Work pays stipend for lodging and transportation, no receipt or reporting. So, when I find a hotel’s destination charger not...
  8. U

    a self-camping 2018 Model S

    During the pandemic it has been nice to get out of town and camp. So I have remodeled my 2018 Model S into a 2-seater, with a kitchen and sleeping lounge in the back. Now I can cook, do dishes, brew espresso and sleep comfortably and electrically. If there is one of me, the front passenger seat...
  9. T

    Towing caravan Model X Long range plus

    Hi folks, We have driven with our Model X trough Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy, Austria and Germany this summer for a road trip across various camp site. We started from our home country the Netherlands and our caravan is a Dethlefds C’Go 495 (dimensions 7.30 long 2.30 width and c.1500kg incl...
  10. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Have Pictures or Experience w/ Exped Megamat Auto/Duo in a Model S?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the Exped Auto (previously called the Megamat duo according to their site) in their Model S? I see nothing online when I try to search Google Images. I'm a bit concerned that the official listing on the Exped website makes no mention of the Model S but lists...
  11. James Veitch

    Location of ventilation holes for camp mode?

    I'm gonna follow my bliss* through continental Europe. I don't know whether this will actually happen but I like the *idea* of being able to sleep in my car. I know that I'm meant to find places that will allow me to sleep but let's just say - hypothetically - for the sake of argument - by the...
  12. D

    Ikea Twin Mattress Fits a Y

    If helpful for anyone, I had to move a foam twin Ikea Mattress and it fits perfectly in the back of a Y. Fit is perfect between the wheel wells.
  13. C

    Model Y tent fly for camping

    Any ideas who manufacturers the Tesla specific tent fly seen on the tescamp website? Doesn't look like they make it and I have had no luck finding it.
  14. Tezzie

    Camping Mattress for Model S

    Help! Everyone makes a camping mattress for Models 3, X, and Y. But NO ONE makes a camping mattress for a Model S, unless you want to spend a lot of $$$ and space on a Dreamcase. I don't. Those of us with a Model S want to camp, too! I've tried air mattresses--they're a hassle and don't work...
  15. grilledcheese

    Model X Tow Hitch for sale

    Brand new, never used tow hitch. They’re on back order for about 8 months. I was going to get a camping trailer but we ended up getting an RV instead. They’re $2,000 brand new plus tax from Tesla, asking for $1,500 OBO.
  16. grilledcheese

    Model X Tow Hitch for sale

    Brand new, never used tow hitch. They’re on back order for about 8 months. I was going to get a camping trailer but we ended up getting an RV instead. They’re $2,000 brand new plus tax from Tesla, asking for $1,500 OBO.
  17. G

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    I wish there was a resource that told me the following: Campgrounds where I can plug in with a pleasant spot for either setting up a tent or sleeping in the Tesla. This means bathrooms not too far away, and a spot with privacy. This is very different from pulling up in an RV. Primitive...
  18. M

    Dreamcase for Model S fits in Model Y

    Some of you that own a Model S might have purchased a Dreamcase for it. And now maybe you are thinking about buying a Model Y and are wondering if that old Dreamcase would work. I just tested that out, and the answer is - sort of. The mattress itself fits really well, but the support for the...
  19. Medved_77

    Full Car Camping Setup for less than £80

    I've looked at the products from DreamCase, TesMat, Evannex and Tesla and just thought they cost way too much for what they were and the amount of use I'd get out of them. I'll probably only sleep in the car a handful of times throughout a year. Instead, I wondered if I could achieve similar...
  20. M

    Weekend Camping trip in the model 3

    TL/DR: Just did a weekend camping trip in the model 3, in prep for a week long one (shake out). So much easier setting up and tearing down a campsite. We froze our dinners in ziplock bags and brought a pot to boil them in and a backpacking stove, perfect. For coffee brought my mug and a pour...
  21. venezing

    Using DC Power Converter in the Model 3 during Camp Mode

    Hello Community! We've been camping a little more often now, and I want to try sleeping in the Model 3 using Camp Mode. However I need to use a CPAP machine when I sleep and wanted to use 12v Power Socket with the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP 65W DC Converter. By the looks of the specs and...
  22. A

    Portable refrigerators for Model Y

    Has anyone done the legwork on coolers that would fit in the sub trunk area- seems you could keep some stuff cool and still have the area available for sleeping on some overnight trips or grocery runs. I can start digging into the Dometic site and report back, but curious if anyone had already...
  23. R

    Model Y Dreamcase - Double Mattress Sleeping Solution

    Hi - Has anyone purchased a Dreamcase mattress setup for a Model Y yet? I've seen reviews on YouTube for the Dreamcase used on a Model 3 but none yet for the MY. It looks like it's now available on the website for MY but has pictures of it inside an M3 only. Looking at the description/specs...
  24. rossfboyle

    Round Trip Cross Country Camping Road Trip

    Hi, friends— My wife and I began doing a lot of research at the beginning of Covid-19 about taking a road trip with our M3 SR+. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a round trip cross country road trip knowing that all we need is an internet/hotspot to keep up with work. We...
  25. R

    Model 3 Window Covers

    Hey all - I'm planning on doing some camping in my Model 3 and am want to buy some privacy covers for the back and front windows. Does anyone know where to buy these? I've been doing a lot of searching and have only found these: Sunshades: Tesla Model 3, which seem quite expensive. I'm also...
  26. Y

    Cauldryn mug for Tesla Model 3 for camping

    Does anybody have experience with Cauldryn Smart Mug and in particular its use with the 12V plug as here https://www.amazon.com/DC-Power-Base-Cauldryn-Mugs/dp/B074MCYBG1 I am considering a multi-day family trip camping style. Want to consider this as a backup/emergency solution when overnight...
  27. B

    MX Car camping with E-Bike--Charging?

    I'm planning a solo car camping with my MX. Destination is a camping spot 40 miles from a Supercharger. I have an e-bike on order-there are really cool biking trails close to the campsite. Campsite is primitive--no utilities. Question, Is is possible to recharge my e-bike using an inverter in...
  28. wreighven

    A little Northeast Oklahoma Camping in the X Last Weekend...

    I don't feel like there are enough Model X camping / road trip threads, so I am going to start making some! This was last weekend near Lake Eufaula (the KOA along I-40). Two in the X and one in the tent each night. The weather was outstanding; the only issue we had was road noise (not a...
  29. Y

    Solar EV charger in camping area.

    Right now the charging station net is far away from established, maybe travel from city to city would be nice and easy, but for family trips, adventures to the rural area, all EVs are not in consideration. Especially when camping, which lots of people love to do, needs to carry gears, maybe even...
  30. E

    My Camp Rig

    I really like the sleeping rig I ended up with for my ModelS 90D: Two folding tables to deal with headrest area (required a bit of modification to get exact height - four cuts and two holes per table). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HW2PMQL These are super compact when folded... I bungee...
  31. C

    Cold weather inflatable bed auxillary battery heater

    I have seen several threads on the effects of cold weather on battery dynamics and had an idea: If I were faced with severe cold weather and wanted to maximize both the longevity of the battery and availability of regenerative braking the goal would be to maintain the optimum battery temperature...
  32. BennyMountfort

    Post your best Tesla camper & explorer pics...Go!

    First Sleep! Camp Mode arrived just as we got back home. note: Don’t lock door from screen then open back door. You will wake all campers still sleeping
  33. K

    Safety: Camping

    I’m thinking of camping inside my Model X. I browsed the net and though I didn’t find any stories of Tesla owners camping in their cars falling victim to any crimes, I am still a bit weary of the idea. While campers and RVs can be quite expensive, they are not as exposed as a Model X, nor do...
  34. Paddy

    Best seating layout for camping

    Hi All Im thinking about selling my campervan, and getting a Model X as a replacement. Obviously it won't have a proper bed or kitchen, but Ive seen people put mattresses in the back of their Xs (Ss and 3s as well) to go camping in. There are even some some custom products that look pretty...
  35. jaykaye

    Camping in the Model 3

    Anyone planning on taking their Model 3 camping? I plan to take my little ones out for over night trips. I am in the process of ordering all the things I need to pull this off before the car arrives. The place where I am stuck is the mattress which is places across the boot floor and the folded...
  36. SquirtCow

    Ever tried sleeping in your Model 3?

    Hi guys! I'm planning on taking my new baby for a spin down Europe this summer, and while I'll be packing a tent and some basics, I realize that I might have to spend some nights in the car itself. Have any of you guys tried sleeping in your Model 3? If the rear seats are folded down, it...
  37. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  38. D

    Camping attachment

    I know it’s winter for most, but here in Florida, it’s perfect camping weather. I saw a model S with a tent attached to the back once and googled for tent attachments for the X but came up short. Has anyone bought one that they like and can give recommendation?
  39. kingleonidas

    Frunk-sized Hard Sided Cooler?

    I have discovered the endless joy of camping in my 2018 Model S, especially with the addition of the Dreamcase. After a couple of weekend trips, I've determined that there is one thing I need... Does anyone know of a hard-sided cooler that is just the right size for the front trunk?! I have...
  40. bugZPDX

    Tipoon Camp Trailer

    I'm really hoping this makes its way to the US. It looks to be a great trailer option for the MX. I'm thinking it would be fairly simple to have a custom fiberglass airflow guard installed on the front to lessen the drag even further. Car-Friendly Camp Trailer Triples in Size
  41. E

    Using 12v devices in camping mode

    I'm having a MS for a weekend and I need my 12 v => 240 v inverter running in camping mode. I've done this when I'm NOT charging, but how about when charging and using camping mode on Remote S? Anyone tried this?
  42. bcalfee

    Camping with Model S: making it cushy

    We just spent 17 days car camping in our Model S 70D. We covered too many miles for the time allotted, but is was a wonderful time. Here is what we learned: Most state parks and many national parks have either 30TT (120V 30A chargers) or 14-50R (240V 50A). There is an adapter for the TT30...
  43. jkennebeck

    Model S Camping mode, Plugged in, Hatch open, Tent filling with A/C!!!

    So you have your Model S and you bought a couple hundred dollar tent that attached nicely to the hatchback. You've pulled into your RV site at the campground, plugged the car in and set up the tent. Using any of the API apps out there (Induction, Dashboard etc) you set your car into camping...
  44. jwwilsonmd

    DIY Tent Air Conditioning

    I just got back from Symbiosis Gathering, a music festival in the middle of hot California. We danced until late in the night and slept in until well after sunrise. If you've ever done this, you know how hot your tent can get once the sun comes up, even in shade. Well, problem solved with the...
  45. RobertSeattle

    Leaving X overnight at remote trailheads?

    In my 30 years of parking cars at trailheads, I've only had one bad experience (a smash and grab break-in). Considering a short overnight trip (2 nights) where I would leave my X at a fairly busy (dozens of cars come and go each day), but remote (not one right off a highway) trailhead in the...
  46. fortytwo

    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Hi everybody. We are Silke, Rolf and Kye "wuff". We are on our trip across Canada from Victoria to St. John's Newfoundland with our Model X towing a camping trailer. We will be posting here about our experiences, or provide links to our videos and blog posts.
  47. xkwizit

    Model X Road Trips

    Making this a collection of various Model X road trip related threads and will request the mods to make it a sticky thread. First road trip in your MX Ten days and 1,800 miles with my 90D My 3600 Mile Model X Journey Model X Long-Range Report: Denver to Dallas (About 900 miles) in 1 Day EV...
  48. Shinteetah

    Road Trippin' & Planning - RV sites?

    Hello, all! I'm three weeks into ownership and juuuust short of 3,000 miles. Also we've survived our first accident (rear-ended, no damage). Whew! Love the car. I'm done a couple of extended runs already, refueling at Superchargers, but I'm now planning longer trips which will require...
  49. fortytwo

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    During the Model X launch event an Airstream was towed on the stage as an example. We are looking for a camping trailer. Our requirements are as follows: 2 independent sleeping areas shower/toilet light weight and aerodynamic for good range ample space on the roof to put semi-flexibe solar...
  50. lucy

    Is a cross country road trip to pick up a Tesla a good idea?

    I live in the EV desert of Iowa, and once the MX is finally out, don't really want to wait the extra month or more it will take to get my car shipped here, or to St. Louis or Minneapolis. My reservation # won't be until next year, but I have a question... Is it a good idea to fly to the home...