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can bus

  1. C

    Diagram of powertrain components and their connections?

    Does anyone have a diagram of the powertrain components and their logical connections? It would be helpful to have a map of how drive units and controllers connect to each other and a bonus if there’s any additional CAN data. For context I just want to understand the differences between the...
  2. T

    DIY MS key fob programming & software re-installing

    Hi, I recently bought a 2016 Model S and it came with only one key fob. In the interest of having a backup (and because my wife and I both sometimes drive the car), I want to get a new one. I know I can have mobile service out for about $200 with a brand new one including programming, and I...
  3. A

    Distributed Charge - EV: How It Works

  4. G

    Sending commands on the CAN bus: like S3XY Buttons

    Hi. Looking at the S3XY buttons, they come with an OBD2 adapter. Since I already have an OBD2 adapter to run ScanMyTesla, my port is in use and I see no way to piggy-back adapters. When I think about it, that adapter they provide is connected to the same bus as my adapter, and I can only imagine...
  5. M

    Model 3 CAN BUS logs

    Hello, I am working on Model 3 Batteries standalone. I am trying to close the contactors and I need historical CAN logs of a model 3 to get the 221 ID to close the contactors. I was able to close it on older versions of model 3, but failed on new models 2019+. Does any one has a CAN log of...

    Plaid CAN bus adapter

    Can any Plaid owners confirm if the connector to the CAN bus is the same as previous Model S? It was previously behind the panel under the screen (shown here). I would love to see some of the battery telemetry data via OBD adapter if any of the early owners are data nerds like me and inclined...
  7. TM3Matt

    Hansshow Model 3 Power Trunk v4 Not Opening or Closing

    Is anyone having issues with their Hansshow Power Trunk v4 not opening or closing? Here's a quick video of me attempting to initialize the control box in which you'll hear 2 beeps, then the unit seems to shutdown after 5 seconds and doesn't respond to any commands (tail lift button, tesla app...
  8. A

    Distributed Charge: Real Time Machine to Machine Micropayments Over The Bitcoin Lightning Network

    I've modified my tesla model 3 and wall connector to make bitcoin payments for electrical energy using the existing data communication wires inside the charge cable. Payments are made for each 25 W*hour of energy over the bitcoin lightning network. This results in a payment being made every 16...
  9. H

    HVAC (or, at least A/C) settings depending on GPS data???

    A fellow Hungarian was tapping in to the computer the other day and found this: UI_solarData UI_solarElevationAngle: 56deg UI_solarAzimuthAngle: 126deg UI_solarAzimuthAngleCarRef: 48deg UI_isSunUp: YES He claims that the car uses this information and adjusts the vents accordingly (when using...
  10. A

    Distributed Charge: Real Time Machine to Machine Micropayments Over The Bitcoin Lightning Network

    Andy Schroder - Distributed Charge [alpha]
  11. M

    Unlock Tesla Model S/X without key

    Hi Since my car is often without GSM signal I would like to have a reliable local alternative to open my Tesla Model X without having to physically carry a key with me around (similar to the Bluetooth based connection for the Model 3). I read some threads of the diagnostic port (and the CAN...
  12. AllAboutJake

    A new CANBus Explorer for iOS

    Hi Folks, I have been working on an iOS CANBus visualization tool and I think its time to get some a few more willing test subjects to give it a try. If you frequent the M3OC (now TOO) forum, you have have seen a preview of it as @JWardell has been testing it and using it for reverse...
  13. B

    2018 Model 3: CAN bus IDs

    I recently got a EVTV ESP32 CANDue board, and have been looking into analyzing data coming from the car (a Model 3 Performance). However, after running SavvyCAN (Home) and letting it run for a few minutes while I do various things like go forward, reverse, turn the lights on and off etc., none...
  14. Brando

    Model 3 CAN bus logging and data analysis - Jack Rickard

    Feb 9, 2019 - In this episode we show development of CAN bus logging and data analysis tools for the Tesla Model 3. - We discuss Tesla's acquisition of Maxwell Technologies and their Dry Electrode Coating process technology. - And we begin testing of an improved PowerSafe100 solar...
  15. amund7

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Hi, Finally we have an official thread in this forum! Ask questions, share your findings, and make this thread awesome. I will try to answer all questions, and take note of any feature requests. Google Play links: Scan My Tesla Scan My Tesla DEMO (this is just a UI demo, playing back a...
  16. Krash

    Diagnostic Port Index

    There is great technical information on the diagnostic port (TDC - Tesla Diagnostic Connector) in the forum but as I found it difficult to find in the different threads, I started an index. Please comment with corrections or additions. Why access it? To access more, more granular and higher...