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  1. Brutalee

    For TRADE: my 19” for your 18” Aero+cash

    Brand new 0 KM set (taking delivery soon) genuine 19” sport rims Will trade your 18” Aero+hubcap + cash. Guess this has to be done with tires in set. Let me know your offer. Cheers!
  2. eepic

    "Going Private = Forced Liquidation" for many Investors

    TL;DR If Tesla goes private, it may inadvertently force a lot of long term shareholders to sell some/all of their position. I've been a believer in Elon and Tesla's mission for over five years now. I can comfortably claim that I am a true long term investor, having slowly (and painfully)...
  3. CanadianBacon

    Order Date for Ontario?

    Ordered my Model 3 this Tuesday (about a week ago) and haven't gotten a word back from Tesla yet. Throughout the course of a week I've provided all of my info needed to take delivery of the Tesla except the payment info, as I need to have a solid delivery date planned out for me to do so. I've...
  4. FrForget

    Any Canadian Tesla Model S for less than 45-50k ?

    Hi Everyone, First of all, I am new to this forum and I’m very excited for everything there’s to see on this forum. All right, let’s go straight to the subject! I live in Canada, more specifically in Montreal, Quebec and I’ve been wondering something for a while. Why is it possible to find...
  5. Jgdixon

    Canadians at TESLIVE

    6 of the 7 of us who were at the factory party.