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  1. M

    Is the deposit for solar panels refunded if canceled within the 5-day cool-down period?

    As the subject says, I'd like to know if I get my $400 deposit back if I cancel within the 5-day (CA) Cancellation Rights period. To be honest, I'm an idiot and forgot to use my referral link and confirmed the design Sunday evening. They've made it clear that adding in a referral post order...
  2. T

    MYLR OD: Aug 1 week 2022: Tax credit

    Hi I just ordered my MYLR with Enhanced AP, White with 7 seater+20 inch wheels on Aug 8 2022. I have completed profile but I have not added Trade In. Initially I was given a EDD of Jan-Mar 2023 which I was comfortable with because I would be eligible for Full/Partial Fed Tax credit of 7.5K. I...
  3. G

    Can I transfer my MYP order to save my $250 deposit? Who wants it? EDD is 6/4-7/9/22

    My wife recently changed her mind and wants to cancel her order. This order was place end of March 2022 ( before the tesla changed announce the removal of mobile chargers). EDD is currently 6/4-7/9/22. I have attached the model y build details.
  4. A

    Skipping Delivery 2nd Time - Will Tesla Cancel my order?

    I order Model Y in Aug. Got assigned a VIN end of Oct and scheduled delivery on Nov 12. Then I realized Biden’s BBB could get me $8k EV credit should it pass, so I skipped delivery and took the VIN off of my order. My 2nd delivery date in the system was showing as Jan 14-Feb 10, as of...
  5. L

    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    I got a text over the weekend saying that the preorder for my configuration, a RWD 3-row Model Y, will be cancelled due to it not being available until 2022. Anyone else get something like this? On my Tesla account, it says that my preorder has been cancelled and the refund is in the works...
  6. Hwood

    Question and advise needed on this used model x

    I am about to pull the trigger on this deal, and I am very excited: 2016 model x, AP2.0, FSD, 6 seaters, kinda everything i needed and only have 22k miles. It is Tesla CPO, only thing bother me is the falcon wing door glass seal looked deteriorated like lots of model x owner had before(see...
  7. M

    Why my order cancelled by someone?

    Hi. I am one waiting for model 3 in korea. i ordered m3 in 04, nov in last year and tesla korea promised give a car to me in Mar. but today, my order cancelled by someone and changed my option. i ordered my car that long range (White Color) but at homepage, my car changed colo to blue i...
  8. S

    My ongoing frustration with Model X order

    Just like a lot of people on this forum, my Model X was also delayed by around 5 weeks after the scheduled 2 week delivery. During that time, my financing offer expired and I had to apply for a new approval. I had my new pre-approval ready for the MVPA to arrive. So yesterday I got the message...
  9. M

    Reservation Refund

    Hi everyone, complete newbie here looking for some advice from anyone who has recently cancelled a reservation spot on a Model 3. Cancelled mine on 2nd July, the 45 business days has now past. The option on the phone number is now just an automated message and no response to 4 days of emails...
  10. M

    New experience and cancelled my order

    I have made almost 20 car purchases and price range from 18k to 130k. Tesla buying experience so far has been unique and would not repeat. I have been told inaccurate information and wasn't explained that I would be dealing with, my local sales rep, inside delivery rep in California, auto...
  11. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  12. Haxster

    Order, Cancel, Repeat

    When you place an order, there's a $2,500 deposit that locks you into a price and configuration. But you can change your order or back out within a week if you change your mind or, this is key, Tesla makes changes on their Design Studio that would be desirable. Here's one scenario (as of...
  13. SaintD

    Wanted: MX 60D Reservation Takeover

    We planned to wait until Spring to purchase the recently vanquished Model X 60D. Now that Tesla has for some unknown reason pulled the rug from up under us, we are scheduled to procure a ‘17 Lexus GX 460 Premium today. Before taking the plunge into unnecessary off-road ICE opulence, I'd like to...
  14. C

    CPO reservation cancellation, transfer

    Anyone has experience with cancellation or transfer(to another cpo) their CPO reservation?
  15. V

    How to Cancel Model 3 Reservation?

    Does anyone know how to cancel a Model 3 reservation? I accidentally reserved two on launch day because the site was getting pounded and it kept telling me my reservation was failing. Finally I succeeded but apparently two of them went through. I tried contacting Tesla through email (never...
  16. J

    Reasons you might cancel your MX reservation

    Now that we know some info on the characteristics of the Model X, I would like to summarize in this thread what are the reasons that have made or will make you think of canceling your order. Some have been thoroughly discussed but the point is to gather as much info as possible on the acceptance...
  17. M

    Tesla Model X Cancellation

    I'd like to share some unpleasant experience I have encountered with Tesla Motors. After I have purchased 2 Model S vehicles (P85+ & P85D) from Tesla and having a 2 year old Model X reservation (low 3000 reservation #), Tesla Motors decided to CANCEL my Model X reservation without asking me...
  18. gjunky

    Did anyone else cancel their Model S order to wait for the GEN III

    I decided a week or so ago to cancel my Model S order and I am waiting for a refund of my $5k at this time. My personal reason is that I just can't justify the price of the car with Taxes and Fees. I understand this is my personal opinion and I don't expect other people to agree with it...