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  1. S

    Can I use a motorcycle platform on the Model Y tow hitch?

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been discussed but i have not been able to find anything definitive. I have a '22 Model YP and wondering if I can use a motorcycle hitch like this...
  2. AlanSubie4Life

    Need Pictures from New US Market 2021 Vehicles, Performance, AWD, SR+

    For those people getting US Market 2021 deliveries, would be nice to get a few things from you (this weekend): 1) Pictures of the energy screen. You can do this by taking two pictures as described here: MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020 Don’t have to do it at 100%, but...
  3. AlanSubie4Life

    Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released

    So the preliminary document from the EPA for 2021 Model 3 AWD & Performance is released: https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51235&flag=1 Covers 18" AWD and 20" Performance in detail. Note: it describes the details of the heat pump similar to the Model Y. Summary (AWD)...
  4. AlanSubie4Life

    2020, 2019, 2018 Model 3 Battery Capacities & Charging Constants

    I should have done this a while ago, but I've finally compiled all the data that Tesla provides to the EPA, and put it into a spreadsheet. The detailed 2020 test data is now available, so we can see why things are rated the way they are. Through formulas, I've also tried to capture what...
  5. gorgonaut

    My 2014 S85 seems to have only ~63 kWh usable

    I could use some help understanding the readout here. I charged the car to 100%, then drove around town until I got down to 12 miles range remaining. Despite starting with "242" rated miles, I wouldn't have even reached 200 miles. This is with an efficiency that was 319 Wh/mi, vs the 298...
  6. darth_vad3r

    Estimating battery capacity based on Supercharging readout

    Has anyone done this / compiled data on this? TL;DR, using only what the car shows me while supercharging, my SR+ has a capacity* of 52.52688 kWh Technique: Take a video of your screen while your supercharging session ramps up. When the display ticks up to your rated capacity per hour, read...
  7. GolanB

    Rate of Charge Reduction (getting nerfed at Superchargers)

    Has anyone with a Model 3 experienced what they believe to be a reduction in supercharging speed due to a high rate of supercharging? (note: not as a result of temperature or charge capacity). It has been shown that on some packs in S and X - notably 75 and 90 packs this starts to take affect...
  8. gnuarm

    Battery Capacity Down to 86.8% After 18,000 Miles

    Many here suggest the battery should be occasionally cycled between 100% charge and near 0% charge to keep the charge measurement calibrated. So I did that a couple of times. The first time the battery took a very long time to finish after it had reached 100%. It indicated around 8 kW...
  9. Colgate2004

    Stated Battery Capacity / EPA Economy / Mileage Does Not Add Up

    Hi all, Since I got my car (Model 3 Long-Range Dual Motor (not Performance)) I've been curious about the math behind the stated range & consumption. Tesla says the (long range) battery capacity is 75 kWh. They say the range on a full charge is 310 miles. If you do that math, 75,000 / 310 = 242...
  10. T

    Model Y cargo capacity

    I'm trying to make sense of the capacities of the Model Y - Musk mentioned 66 cubic feet of cargo capacity. I'm thinking that's with the seats folded down, which is slightly less than comparable compact SUVs. Any idea of what it might be with the rear seats upright? Any ideas of what it might be...
  11. fasteddie7

    Anyone else think the quoted range is less than capacity?

    After watching the livestream and thinking about it, does anyone else think the quoted range is not at Max capacity? 85 or 90% perhaps? Considering there is no badging and it seems they are marketing this vehicle to folks who might not be like a lot of us and examine every detail of the battery...
  12. fasteddie7

    New 75d vs inventory 90d question

    I am a model s September 2016 75d owner trying to help out a friend and coworker decide on their first Tesla. They have the option to bulid a new 75d to spec or take an inventory 90d at a deep discount. Both vehicles are in the 90k range after all options are considered. Now that the new 75s...
  13. T

    SW limited 60 BMS hacked and shows more than 60 kWh usable

    I just saw this post on electrek and didn't see it posted here. Tesla’s hacked Battery Management System exposes the real usable capacity of its battery packs It looks like a Model X 60D showed around 62.4 kWh usable while the full usable capacity of the 75 kWh pack is around 72.6 kWh... This...
  14. F

    How far can you go with a flat battery in your Model S - I've just tried it!

    What happens when you run out of power in your Tesla? Range anxiety – especially at Nordic winter time – is prevalent to all EV owners and this also includes Tesla owners. As most EV’s use battery capacities of around 20 KWh, Tesla’s generous capacity of up to 100 KWh dampens this anxiety...
  15. Mike Tuccelli

    90D has a more dense battery?

    I was reading through the owner's manual and noticed the 85D and 90D are both exactly the same weight! Is it because the 90D battery is more dense and they can give out 5 extra KW with same weight? If 85 is heavier than 70, it stands to reason the 90 should be proportionally heavier than 85...
  16. H

    85D, but this calculation shows the capacity is 68kwh only, what's wrong?

    I had my new 85D charged to 456km (rated range on the screen) on a supercharger in Shanghai Last night. I drove to Hangzhou today, 95% freeway, AC on, 110-120km/h cruise control on free way, total 222.4km, as shown in the photos below: Charged to 456km last night. Summary since last charge...
  17. David99

    2.75% degradation after 30k miles

    As I wrote many times, using the rated range as a method to determine battery degradation is not an accurate way, IMHO. The standard method to measure battery capacity is to fully charge it, then fully discharge it (within healthy limits). When my 85 was new I did exactly that on a long trip...
  18. E

    Reliable way to measure battery capacity

    Hi together, as I'm interested in energy storage systems and read about different methods to estimate the remaining battery life, regarding to capacity fading, what is an easy and reliable way to measure the total capacity of a battery at a given time?
  19. ModelS1079

    Incoming utility cable capacity - A cautionary tale

    Misadventures in Charging- Hold - keep this thread. Happened last night. Gotta run but will share the story ASAP. Yes the car is fine. Yes my wife and kids are too! [Moderator Note: Inflammatory title edited.]