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car off

  1. T

    Model X Broke, Again

    It seems to be happening more frequently, I’ll be driving and all the screens go black, or the car shuts off while driving and refuses to move while rebooting itself at whim. Today the car refused to go into gear, even though the screens and other systems were working fine. I was able to reboot...
  2. P

    Stuck in "car off" mode, need help, any ideas?

    I've tried soft reset, hard reset, charging, locking/unlocking. Even tried summon, which works, but then goes right back into "car off" mode. Anyone had this issue in the past? This is a 2017 75D w/2020.48.35.5
  3. 787steve

    Car showed off, but all screens and music were powered on.

    Noobie question here. My wife is a wee bit intimidated by our new MS. After two weeks, she has finally started to take it out on her own. Tonight she drove it home without me. When I arrived 45 minutes later I observed that though the car was unoccupied, all screens were on, music was playing...