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car seats in second row

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    Best option for 3 across car seats and booster

    Has anyone been able to fit 2 car seats + a booster seat in their model Y second row? Obviously need the child in the booster to be able to access the buckle plug. Ideally hoping someone has used the Clek fllo/oobr option. But open to any suggestions
  2. M

    HELP! 3 across carseat dilemma

    Hello from a future MYLR owner. Excited to join the group given the positive experiences I’ve heard from Tesla owners. Hoping some parents out there can help me. Looking for a 3 across solution for the second row for the kids (infant and 5yo in 2 car seats and older child in a booster). Had...
  3. S

    Can you fit a rear facing car seat + 2 front facing car seats in a Tesla Model Y (5 seats UK model)

    Hello - we're going through car decisions and wondering if it's feasible to fit a rear facing car seat with isofix and 2 front facing car seats in the Model Y (5 seat model only as that's the one available in the UK). Any advice would be great
  4. I

    Best seat configuration for toddler and newborn

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been discussed before, if so, feel free to point out to the right thread. I am set on buying a model X, the only question left is the best seat configuration. We are a family of four, with a 3 years old (front facing car seat) and a newborn (rear facing car seat), not...
  5. X

    No third row access when car seats installed in second row!

    I have a 4 and a 6 year old and since they are both over 45lbs. I cannot use the latches to install their car seats and have to use the seat belts instead. It is quite a chore to have to install car seats so I was very excited when I found these ones...