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car seats

  1. M

    Best option for 3 across car seats and booster

    Has anyone been able to fit 2 car seats + a booster seat in their model Y second row? Obviously need the child in the booster to be able to access the buckle plug. Ideally hoping someone has used the Clek fllo/oobr option. But open to any suggestions
  2. I

    Booster Seats in 6 seater 2022 Model X

    What booster seats do you use in your 6 seater 2022 Model X? We tried the Diono Solona 2 (comfortable, but too wide for 2nd row to buckle, will not work in 3rd row due to no latch system). We currently use the Diono Solona in both the 2nd and 3rd row, but my kids complain that they aren't...
  3. A

    Model Y, Nuna RAVA Car Seat

    We are planning to buy a Car Seat for Model Y and looking at Nuna RAVA. Has anyone had experience with Nuna RAVA in MY and can it seat 2 additional passengers in back seat ?
  4. S

    Can you fit a rear facing car seat + 2 front facing car seats in a Tesla Model Y (5 seats UK model)

    Hello - we're going through car decisions and wondering if it's feasible to fit a rear facing car seat with isofix and 2 front facing car seats in the Model Y (5 seat model only as that's the one available in the UK). Any advice would be great
  5. R

    Childseat rear headrest compression

    I recently took delivery of my new 2021 Model 3. I installed my child’s car seat that has an anchor clip/strap that goes over the headrest (my old car it went under the headrest so this wasn’t an issue). I cinched it down pretty good compressing the headrest. After about a week, I wasn’t...
  6. YorkshireBrew

    Model 3 - Dog and Baby Tetris.

    Hi All, I was wondering whether any of you have had to get their 'significant other', a baby and a dog in their M3 at the same time? The dog is a border collie so medium sized dog and is more than happy in the boot of hatchbacks with the parcel shelf removed. I'm picking up my M3 at the end of...
  7. F

    Car seat REALLY tough to install

    Good Evening All, My wife has a Subaru and installing a forward facing Graco seat is easy and is super snug (shake the car snug). However, when I install the same seat in the MY it is extremely difficult to get tight. I have to use the recline the seat and then move it back to its original...
  8. Thomaswest

    MY 3rd Row Booster Seat

    Has anyone managed to find booster seats that fit in the 3rd row? We have 2 diono car seats for the 2nd row (not booster). Tried them in the 3rd row, but they were too big. My two daughters would really like to use the 3rd row, but I haven’t had much luck finding a brand that can fit two across.
  9. D

    Convertible Car Seat Recommendations

    Our son is growing out of his infant car seat and will need a convertible car seat soon. Just looking for recommendations that people have used in their Y. The 3 that caught my attention were the Clek Foonf, Diono Radian 3QXT, and the Cybex Sirona S. I'm looking for a good balance of safety and...
  10. AllThingsT

    WhiteSeats and Car Seats

    I have been searching through the white seat threads but I haven't seen exactly what I'm looking for. I am getting a PM3 with the white seats but I also have kids (probably stupid, but decision is already made). I am going to apply CarPro CQuartz Leather protector when I get it. However I was...
  11. C

    Rear-facing convertible car seats for twins in 6 seater MX?

    Hi, parent of 1 year old twins here looking for recommendations on rear-facing convertible car seats to put in the second row of a 6 seater model X. Does anyone have any experience with brands that will 1) allow access to the 3rd row, even with both 2nd row captain's chairs filled with...
  12. MarkS22

    3rd Row with Diano Radian and Fold Down 2nd Seat?

    Hey, Can anyone confirm a Diano Radian car seat will fit in one of the two 3rd row seats and still allow enough room for the other seat to fold flat? I'd love to be able to fold it or use it without having to move the car seat. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tony_YYZ

    Diono Radian RXT & Clek Foonf Owners - Feedback

    All, With my Model 3 order in, I'm starting to look at car seat options. I'm eyeing the Diono Radian RXT (or even the Rainer) as well as the Clek Foonf. I would ideally like to keep it in the center seat in the rear for maximum safety and to accommodate rear passengers. Looking to hear some...
  14. X

    No third row access when car seats installed in second row!

    I have a 4 and a 6 year old and since they are both over 45lbs. I cannot use the latches to install their car seats and have to use the seat belts instead. It is quite a chore to have to install car seats so I was very excited when I found these ones...