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car wash mode

  1. O

    Car Wash Mode Screen (multilingual instructions)

    Would anyone else like Tesla to add car wash mode instructions in Spanish alongside the English instructions?
  2. brooklyn

    Screen Went Black in Car Wash for 2-3 mins

    Didn't have time this past weekend to do my normal hand wash, so took the car to the local Sheetz Touchless car was today. One of those deals where you pull in, park, and the stuff moves around the car and power wash/dries it. I put the car in Car Wash Mode (CWM) just to be safe. This is only...
  3. S

    Hyundai EV Park car wash and charging

    Came across this article. Hyundai created charging stations with a self-service car wash/detailing bay. Looks interesting and for sure I will give it a go if available in my region. What is a better way than taking care of your car if you are waiting for charging, right? Promo video I remember...
  4. L

    2015 Model S 85 Software Update variation

    It is just me or all older Model S models with the MCU2 upgrade do not get the fully up software update? I still don't see any signs of the "Car Wash Mode" feature or "Disney Plus" and "Hulu" on my entertainment center.
  5. scottysize

    Car Wash Mode PLEASE!

    First off, I had my car wrapped with paint protective film with the express intent of being able to go through those types of washes without having it damage my paint. (I heard Tesla paint is soft and cannot stand the brushing effect.) So don't judge me. Neutral is very hard to master. I like...
  6. Lex

    Hand Wash Mode

    Is there any way to keep the door handles out today ? I haven't found it. The handles need washing and dying too. I really hate chrome, and I really really hate leaving it wet as I've seen it bubble from items so many many times. Regardless of motive I suggest a Hand Wash Mode setting for...