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car wash

  1. C

    Vehicle May not restart, unable to drive after washing my car

    Is anyone else having this issue? I have an 2016 model S and I haven’t had many issues other than door handles and eyebrows dying on the LED headlamps. Well my AC compressor finally gave out and I replaced it and had my local AC shop recharge it. I thought everything was fine and now when I...
  2. M

    Passenger Side Leak

    After driving home from a car wash, my passenger was getting her feet wet on the passenger side. The fluid was dripping on her feet and it looked like a neon green in color. I have a Model 3 2022. Is this a urgent concern? should I take it to get serviced? Has anyone else had this?
  3. T

    Touchless car wash in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale area?

    I have a 2014 Tesla Model S Performance. I am fully aware of what a dirty towel could possibly do to my car, glass Windows and windshield. With that said, i have decided to use paper towel to clean vehicle along with Glass Shine. It works very well. I won’t even use a sponge on my car...
  4. S

    San Jose/FutureWash opened in Westfield Oakridge 5/15/21

    Received an email Friday as a customer of FutureWash that Saturday, 5/15, they were now open for business in the Westfield Oakridge Shopping Center. This in addition to the Santana Row location. Got both cars washed Saturday and looking great. With Winter, Covid and reduced driving it had been...
  5. cruiserlarry

    Model Y Car Wash question - East Coast

    While my Model S and Model 3 enjoy the relatively mild So Cal weather, my son and DIL are enjoying their new Model Y in snowy, stormy, ice-cold Pittsburgh, PA....A question came up regarding what is the preferred car wash type for that environment for their Y, since they are unable to wash it...
  6. Space_CowBoy

    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    I'm planning on setting up my garage to do car washes at home. Not sure what my requirements would be given that the winters here can be brutal. Additionally, what type of waterproofing would I need to do to the walls(bathroom paint) and or floors(epoxy). Also, would the drain need to be...
  7. Chirojan

    Car Wash for my 3

    What is the story with washing my car. I stopped by a local brushless car wash. They said I could not go thru the normal process and had to go around the side to get it washed by hand for $25 instead of $15. Then I read on this forum that the touchless wash uses a chemical bad for the paint...
  8. S

    Beware Car Washes!!

    Hey guys! I have had the same issue twice and I think it’s worth sharing: Twice after using a standard brush car wash, my Tesla Model X’s fan broke down. It was immediately after the car wash, noticeable as soon as you turn the air on in the car and it blows out hot. The first time I...
  9. Daniellane

    Tesla Car Wash !!!

    Tesla Car Wash !!! How to wash your Tesla... Tesla recommends that you do not use a commercial carwash unless it is “touchless “. So for most of us in the Tesla community that means we’re washing our own cars. In this video I will show you everything that you need to know to properly maintain...
  10. Daniellane

    Tesla Car Wash !!!

    Tesla Car Wash !!! How to wash your Tesla... Tesla recommends that you do not use a commercial carwash unless it is “touchless “. So for most of us in the Tesla community that means we’re washing our own cars. In this video I will show you everything that you need to know to properly maintain...
  11. Daniellane

    Tesla Car Wash !!!

    Tesla Car Wash !!! How to wash your Tesla... Tesla recommends that you do not use a commercial carwash unless it is “touchless “. So for most of us in the Tesla community that means we’re washing our own cars. In this video I will show you everything that you need to know to properly maintain...
  12. Kbra

    Waterless Carwashes

    We tried out this waterless carwash on both a white and blue Model 3 with very good results. Definitely recommended for light dirt removal and wax.
  13. T

    Winter Washing

    I'm curious what other fellow northern Model 3 owners do come winter time to keep their cars clean. Besides the obvious, keep your car in a garage, how does everyone wash their cars? I'm wondering if there's a good way to wash my car without a car wash even when it might be below freezing.
  14. J

    Water Pooling in Frunk After Automated Touchless Car Wash

    Hi, I was just wondering if any other Model 3 owners have experienced this. I just took my car through an automated touchless car wash for the second time (took delivery in Sept 2018) and confirmed that water seeps into the frunk and pools up after the car wash. Sometime after the first car...
  15. TravMor

    Touch - Car Wash... Who has taken the chance?

    We've all seen the warnings about only using touch-free car washes, but I am curious if anyone has actually taken their M3 through a car wash that isn't touch-free?
  16. lla4u2

    Houston/Cypress At Home Car Wash Service?

    Anyone in the Houston area have a friendly neighborhood car wash company that comes to their house/work to wash the car? Everyone is talking about using the Washos app but they don't serve this area yet (at least not Cypress/Bridgeland). Looking for them to vacuum as well (kids are messy)...
  17. C

    Mode 3 Car Wash in Daly City CA

    Guys I just moved to Daly City, CA for school and I don’t know where to take my model 3 for a good but not expensive (~$20) car wash. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m open to driving a few miles if I have to.
  18. C

    Touchless car wash near Redmond/Bellevue?

    I know there's one in Kirkland, but it's way out of my commute.
  19. Frieda’s Boss

    Any good Touchless Car Washes in the Vancouver, WA area?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has a good go-to Touchless Car Wash in The Couve?!?
  20. Daniellane

    This Blower Is A Beast!!!

    I recently purchased a Metropolitan Master Blaster Revolution Blower with a 30 foot hose. It has dramatically enhanced my car wash methodology virtually eliminating towel drying. This thing is a beast. 8hp (two individually switched 4hp motors) It requires a 20 amp circuit to run at full power...
  21. T

    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    Will charge port open when phone is in car with me and the port is touched by brushes when the M3 is in neutral?
  22. D

    Michigan Tesla Owners Avoid Jax Car Wash

    I went to Jax on maple road, for my car wash. After they were done, the sensor mount bracket on front wheel got knocked off, I watched the video with the manager on duty that day, he promised he would pay for it 100%. After two weeks, I got the car fixed for 88 bucks from Tesla. I went to Jax...
  23. S

    Future Wash (formerly Tesla Wash) waterless car wash in SF Bay/Monterey area

    Since I see a number of posts asking about where to get your car washed, thought I would update you guys on one of the waterless car washes available in the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to Eco Green Auto Clean in Redwood City, check out Future Wash (formerly Tesla Wash) for their...
  24. P

    Model X automatically shifting into Park in tunnel of car wash!

    My wife gets her Model X washed regularly at our local car wash. She actually has the unlimited monthly plan, so in the winter she brings it through the car wash avg 2 times per week. The car wash she frequents is a hand wash tunnel where you get out of your car and an automated track sends...
  25. J

    Hand Car Wash in NW Houston?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a hand car wash location in Northwest Houston, the nearer to Cypress area, the better? TIA
  26. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  27. 2

    What car wax do you use?

    What car wax do you guys use after washing your MS? Any recommendations? I've been using Meguiar's NXT tech wax 2.0 (liquid) but it doesn't seem to last long or give that nice sheen to the car. FYI, I just apply and wipe off - don't use a buffer. Thanks!
  28. fasteddie7

    OMG the bugs!

    I needed to take a four hour road trip from PA to Ohio. Upon arriving and looking at the front of my white model s, I now feel like there are extinct insect species as they are now on the front of my car. Anyone who has experience, are chemical bug and tar removers safe on the sensors up there...
  29. E

    Car Wash for Model S

    Just got my MS 75D last week, and I'd like to get a Monthly Car Wash plan. I'm currently in NJ, and I know we need to get brushless wash for our MS. Does anyone in NJ know any decent car wash place? Central Jersey preferred. Thank a lot.
  30. Lex

    Hand Wash Mode

    Is there any way to keep the door handles out today ? I haven't found it. The handles need washing and dying too. I really hate chrome, and I really really hate leaving it wet as I've seen it bubble from items so many many times. Regardless of motive I suggest a Hand Wash Mode setting for...
  31. V

    Any recommendations for Model X car wash? South bay, SF Bay area

    Looking for recommendation for car wash in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga area. Basic exterior service, just enough to keep mud off. With rains expected to last all week in bay area.
  32. T

    Car Wash/Detailing

    I've never owned a fancy-schmancy car before buying my MS, so I haven't thought much about washing in the past. I often took my previous car though a local, touchless drive-through car wash. Much of the chrome trim became very cloudy over time. (I had the car for 12 years.) I'm not sure if the...
  33. Mike Tuccelli

    Do not use automatic car wash!

    Today I attended the grand opening of the Tesla store in Jacksonville, Florida and there was an owners' reception. I was chatting with a guy and he said a car wash's spinning brush yanked off the T emblem (the one between the front wheel and front door) and he was told it was not covered by...
  34. Brian@Impression

    Vendor 7 Ways to Make Sure Your Eco Wash Doesn’t Scratch Your Paint

    7 Ways to Make Sure Your Eco Wash Doesn’t Scratch Your Paint Eco-wash products (AKA waterless or rinseless washes) can be an amazing way to take care of your car. We use an eco-wash product in our shop on a daily basis and have found that, when used properly, our eco-washes are actually...
  35. S

    California: Car wash in Los Altos / Palo Alto / Mountain View

    Hi Folks, I saw a couple of related threads on this, but nothing exact. The subject says it all: I would love to find a Tesla-friendly place to get my car washed. I'm open to anything (is there an app for that?). I don't think I'd trust the place where I take my other cars as those narrow wheel...
  36. A

    Miami Car Wash Recommendations

    Just received delivery of my new Model S85 a few weeks ago and I want to keep it looking great. Any recommendations in the Miami area for a good car wash and/or detail service? I've been using the Miami Auto Spa on 8th street, but definitely open to alternatives. Also, are there any special...