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cargo area

  1. M

    Mountain bike fit into Model Y trunk / cargo area?

    I have an XL mountain bike and wanted to see if there is a trick/tip fitting it into the trunk (seats down) of a Model Y without removing the front wheel of the bike. Maybe using the sub-trunk to stick in part of the wheel or handlebar? Just wondering if somebody has figured it out, before I...
  2. Littlefinger9

    Back seats folded down for long trip ok despite weight?

    For those with and S, is there any risk of damaging / deforming the back seats by folding them down and leaving a lot of weight on them for an extended period of time? I’m driving an S cross country with a set of winter wheels with tires in the hatch. Paranoid that the seats will get mangled by...
  3. A

    Cargo liner that isn't a slip-n'-slide?

    Brand new Model Y owner here! Glad to have joined the community and to have ditched my gas-guzzling Mercedes GLK. I frequently drive around with my 70 lb long-haired dog in the back, meaning the seats are often folded flat. I pulled out an old cargo liner that I had (something of this ilk...
  4. 3

    2020 Six Seater - Which seats fold down?

    I am waiting for my 2020 Model X Long Range Plus 6 seater to be delivered and have not had access to this configuration locally to drive. I used the chat feature on Tesla's website to ask if the middle captains chairs in this configuration will fold flat. I was told that, YES, they do, however...
  5. ammulder

    4 kids: Minivan -> X...?

    So it's like this. We got a Model 3 to replace my old sedan. The "family car" is an Odyssey minivan. It's taken less than a week for my wife and I to repeatedly say to each other, "if only the Tesla could fit six..." Our main concern is that we take 1-2 road trips a year to spend 1-2 weeks...
  6. beths11

    Storage Container which fits in Rear Cargo Area?

    With in the last two weeks someone posted a picture of a "Rubbermaid" type container which fit perfectly in the rear cargo area. I didn't book mark it and have searched to find it and can't. Can someone provide me a link to it?