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  1. M

    Does it make sense to get white interior if we have two kids in car seats?

    We ordered a model 3 with blue exterior and white interior. I am having second thoughts. We have two kids that are in carseats (one rear facing and the other forward facing. Does it make sense to get white seats? Will the car seat base damage the white seats? I heard the white is easy to clean...
  2. J

    Orbit Baby G5 carseat in 6-seater MX

    Hi everyone My wife and I are expecting our first kid in May, and our first Model X (6-seater config) in April 🤞 Wanted to see if anyone had tried the Orbit Baby G5 in a 6-seater config MX and if you had any compatibility issues. We're hoping to place the carseat in the second row. We're...
  3. E

    FS: 2013 Model S P85 - 7 seater California

    2013 Tesla Model S Performance 85 - $33,000 76,XXX miles This car is in great condition We are the original owners (delivered Dec, 2013) Tesla Extended Service Agreement - 8 years / 100K miles – Transferable to New Owner good through December 2021 Lifetime Free Supercharging (Transfers) Rare...
  4. T

    Backseat protection for toddler and dog

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a solution to protect my back seats from my 2 year old toddler and my 20 pounds dog. I already have a seat protector and car seat for my kid but now I want to add something for my dog on the other side for a roadtrip. I only see pet seat covers that work hook...
  5. legend502

    Model S Booster Carseat Recommendations?

    Anybody have good recommendations on Booster Seats for my 4 year old? What do people like?