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  1. JBAR

    Where do you car wash your Tesla on Oahu?

    Hello everyone on Oahu. If you live in a condo or apartment where you can’t wash the car in your driveway this question is for you. In town there are only a handful of drive-through car washes which are quite poor in my opinion. I would never want to put my Tesla in one of those. Unfortunately I...
  2. mrfra62

    Carwash Model X

    1) Ooit van iemand gehoord dat ik met de Model X niet de wasstraat met borstel in moet gaan. Want borstels laten krassen achter en er bestaat de kans dat de borstel de vaste spoiler van mijn X beschadigd. 2) Ook staat me bij dat er voor vliegen op voorruit geen speciaal vliegen verwijderings...
  3. T

    Carwash - safe or not

    Hi, I've got a car approaching delivery soon and am wondering about carwashes. I've not seen much in terms of pros/cons of washing it through a gas station carwash. I see that a touchless/drive-in, drive-out carwash is recommended in the manual as opposed to the "push-through" method, but has...