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  1. Pkmmte

    Wi-Fi Hotspot for Model 3?

    What Wi-Fi hotspot are you weirdos using for the Model 3? All car hotspots I'm finding utilize the OBD port which the Model 3 does not have. I guess I could use a "regular" hotspot device provided by a carrier such a T-Mobile's Alcatel Linkzone but would I then have to keep it connected to the...
  2. Pkmmte

    AutoPark without being inside car?

    So, I picked up my Model 3 last Saturday at Marina Del Rey and had the pleasure to meet a delivery specialist dressed more nicely than the others. He apparently had a higher management position and only appears for deliveries during the end of quarter rush. Anyways, during the tour of my car, I...
  3. Pkmmte

    Tow hook front license plate holder?

    Has anyone been able to find a front license plate holder that attaches to the tow hook? It'd be kinda like this...