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  1. P

    poll: CCS charging speed versus state of charge

    What charging speeds are you getting at non-Tesla CCS fast chargers? At PetroCan in Vancouver BC, I get 56 kW at 55%, SoC, cost C$ 1.50/2.8 kWh, = USD 0.40/kWh, max advertised rate 200 kW. At Chevron in Victoria BC, I got 128 kW at 46% SoC, cost free!, max advertised rate 150 kW. At BCHydro...
  2. Padelford

    CCS upgrade & charge port change

    My charge port has started malfunctioning (no lights, slow to allow charger connector to engage, etc). Does the CCS upgrade include changing out the charge connector?
  3. TesslaBull

    Opinion: Tesla should partner with another OEM for NACS or be forced into CCS someday.

    CCS has been adopted, however shortsightedly, as the charging standard for North America. As all other manufacturers move forward with CCS ports in random, non-optimal locations over the years, Tesla may some day be forced to have CCS charging ports in their vehicles just as has happened in...

    Do I need a charging cable?

    I just replaced my previous EV with a Tesla 2023 Model S. I pick up the Model S next Saturday (Feb 25, 2023). For my previous vehicle I had a NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage with a CCS cable going to the EV. Will the Tesla come with a charger and cable that I can plug into the NEMA 14-50 and...
  5. Z

    C-tech(?) CCS adapter for unenabled Teslas?

    DaxM, in his video here, , says there is an adapter that works with CCS-unenabled cars. He says something like "C-tech". Is there such an adapter? Am I getting the brand spelling correct? Where can I buy such an adapter?
  6. K

    How to free a CCS adapter stuck on a CCS cable….

    Hello everyone! Hoping the forum has suggestions on how to free a CCS adapter that is stuck to a CCS cable. The adapter clicked into place when it was connected to the connector, but when it came time to leave - I noticed the button on the CCS cable will not press down whatsoever. We tried for...
  7. M

    Tesla vs A2Z CCS adaptes

    Any pros or cons of buying the Tesla vs A2Z CCS adapter? I have 2022 MY that has CCS enabled. I ordered the Tesla adapter but looking for some guidance to see if I should return it and buy A2Z. My prime concern with 3rd party adapter is any chance that will Tesla lock it out through firmware...
  8. C

    MY Adaptors needed

    For a 2022-2023 MY. If I were to charge at say an Ampol DC fast charger with a CCS/SAE head. Do I need an adaptor that converts the CCS/SAE head? Also, what type of socket does a 2022-2023 MY have anyways? Thanks!
  9. R

    Tesla Model Y charging concern

    Hello Everyone, It’s been 1 week owning my new 2023 Model Y in Canada . I’m in love what this car offers at the moment. Feels luxury and simplicity together. I’ve got all new interior for better sound system and they removed ultrasonic sensors and waiting for that software update. I have...
  10. C

    CCS adapter availability

    I’m wondering if anyone else is having difficulty purchasing a CCS Combo 1 adapter from Tesla. When I go on the Tesla website through a browser, the adapter seem to be in stock and available to purchase. When I click on the link, it takes me to the store through my Tesla app and the charging...
  11. P

    Looking For CCS adapter rental for one week. 11/22/2022 to 11/27/2022z

    hi guys, if you guys can help me find someone that can borrow/rent me a CCS adapter for my road trip. I’m doing a road trip from Seattle Tacoma area to Spokane next week. I know I will need it because I’m doing little road trips to Pullman and there’s a small 50 kW chargers that are on the...
  12. D

    Retrofit CCS DIY Help

    Hey Everyone! I attempted to retrofit my 2019 M3 LR this weekend and after performing the installation and software update, I got 2 errors - charge port requires service and charge port latch fault. With these messages I was unable to charge my car. The vehicle info says that CCS is enabled...
  13. Allx

    Hoping for standardization….

    Just saw how some providers try and help TSLA owners charge between super chargers . Good thing the CCS adapter just came out bc I can’t image that MacGyver job would do well over time .
  14. harumio

    Vendor (Harumio Korea) An Open Letter About CCS Adapter

    An Open Letter Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for your support from when we first proxy-shipped Tesla adapters and then selling the current third-party adapter. We have been very grateful for everyone's support and, of course, orders. Unfortunately, we have not been able to...

    Vendor A2Z EV CCS1 Adapter - Thunderstorm Plug

    Hi there, We created this thread so we can group all discussions regarding the A2Z CCS1 Thunderstorm Plug. In here, questions can be asked, data can be shared and proposals to make the product/service better. Enjoy the freedom of charging anywhere. Everywhere. - A2Z EV

    CCS Vendor Verification

    "New" Sources of Tesla 'OEM,' Tesla-like, and/or Third-Party CCS1 Adapters Just saw this thread and noticed there's a vendor at Ward claiming to sell OEM CCS adapters. I don't know if they have a shop located there but have a business address of 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814. Can...
  17. SteelClouds

    Interesting observation about CCS Setec adapter and losing range

    I have both a Tesla Chad adapter and a SETEC CCS Adapter for my Model 3. Due some circumstances, I have been charging almost exclusively using the SETEC for the past 45 days.. over 600 Kw worth :). Has not missed a beat. Here is the interesting thing. I use teslaapp to monitor different...
  18. RNHurt

    My experience with UK charging networks

    So, I just got back from a trip in England where I rented a Model 3 for 2 weeks. I now fully understand why the (US) Tesla Supercharger network is winning. A lot of my experience was with the Pod Point system, but I expect most of the problems I had were not specific to that brand. 1. The CCS...
  19. M

    DIY Installing CCS Retrofit in US Model S

    I got some requests to write a small tutorial on how to install the CCS retrofit in a Model S. This is a sister poster of the Model X tutorial, although I was successful due to reasons that will become clear later on. Unfortunately I did NOT take any photos when I did this, but the process is...
  20. E

    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    Hi folks, I have a 2021 Model 3LR and I have a quick question on charging speeds with the supplied CCS cable. The's an MFG EV Power charging spot 10 mins drive from where I live and they have five of the new 150kWh chargers available with CCS being one of the cable options. I've never used a...
  21. oggunderscore

    Sealed Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter (Official OEM)

    This official adapter will allow you to charge on Electrify America, EVGo, and other chargers that have CCS Combo capabilities. This comes super useful on roadtrips where Supercharger stations are packed and loaded, and you can go to one of the standard DC Fast chargers and charge there quickly...
  22. TaIIgeese

    MO: Just received my CCS from SK

    Just got this in the mail today! I am going to hit the nearby Electrify America and ChargePoint chargers and test it out soon.
  23. bman325i

    Setec Lectron CCS Adapter for sale

    Listed Price: $600 Location: Los Angeles, CA Accept: Venmo, Zelle, Cash CCS1 Adapter to Tesla, Max Output while charging = 50kWh. Only used a couple times. Firmware updated to most recent software since 01/2022. It works, just don’t need it since I was able to install a wall charger at...
  24. bman325i

    CCS1 to Tesla Adapter by Lectron/Sentec

    List Price: $600 Location: Los Angeles, Ca area NO SHIPPING. LOCAL PICK UP Accept Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash, Zelle CCS1 Adapter to Tesla, Max Output while hanging = 50kWh. Only used a couple times. Firmware updated to most recent software since 01/2022. It works, just don’t need it since...
  25. FalconFour

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Retrospective thread-summary pseudo-wiki for quick access: What is it? "Gee, I wish my Tesla, despite having access to the country's biggest quick charging network, could also charge on stations made for Other EVs too". Said no-one ever. Except... well, there are use cases for it. And with Tesla...
  26. W

    WCEH to offer Tesla charging?

    It seems that the WCEH (West Coast Electric Highway) group is about to make significant upgrades to their charging network. The WCEH was originally CHAdeMO (and L2) only. These upgrades are intended to add CCS and other compatibility to all their original sites. From: West Coast Electric...
  27. A

    Booked in for CCS Upgrade

    Folks, I have booked in for CCS upgrade for my 2018 Model S. My main purpose of upgrade is to be able to charge on non-tesla charging network when supercharger is not nearby/enroute. Is there any catch here, before I part from my money? How much does it cost in the UK? Do I get any other benefit...
  28. O

    Only CCS compatible?

    How do I know if my Model X will work at superchargers marked as Only CCS compatible? Is there somewhere in the software to indicate compatibility? I have a late 2016 model. Bought used; no idea whether it needs/has had the adapter upgrade. Got a long trip coming up next week and never used a...
  29. C

    Upgrade to CCS?

    Hi, I’ve got a 2017 S P100D with the standard type 2 socket. Recently 2 superchargers on my usual route to Melbourne have opened up (Colac and Geelong), but both are only CCS compatible, which I find quite annoying. so my understanding is that I could ask for my socket to be upgraded to CCS -...
  30. L

    Chademo or CCS to borrow or rent (Model 3 LR)

    Hi all, first time member posting. Looking to borrow or rent a Chademo or CCS adapter for a trip to East Coast (with limited SC coverage). Happy to pick up from anyone in Laval or Montreal that would have one available. Thanks! Lug01
  31. Ivanpecuh

    Buy Chademo or wait for CCS Adapter?

    Hey guys, I just picked up my 2021 M3SR+ last week and debating whether I should buy the Chademo adapter or wait for the CCS Combo adapter to release in North America. I live in Surrey, British Columbia and the nearest Supercharger to me is a 15 minute drive whereas the closest BC hydro...
  32. I

    Help! CCS mod on S. Firmware download

    This afternoon, I had my 2016 S mod for the CCS adaptor. To save time, I said I would download the firmware at home. I am home and thought it would be on my phone like a software update, so just press go and all is well. However, there is nothing. Any ideas? Do I need to do something else...
  33. G

    How does CCS generate high voltages up to 920V?

    Hello, I am studying the design of DC fast chargers. I learned some information about their varieties and the approximate principle of operation (Vienna Rect. - LLC DC/DC - Output). Usually, after Vienna Rectifier, you can get a maximum voltage of about 840VDC, and then lower it to the...
  34. j6Lpi429@3j

    Upgrading 2015 model S to CCS charging. worth it?

    I just got an email from Tesla. I'm in the UK, with an 85D model S from 2015, MCU1, AP1. Very happy with it. I have the old fashioned charge port (is it type 2?) and a home charger that has an attached cable that I plug into my S to charge overnight. I just got offered a CCS upgrade for £450...
  35. M

    Overview table with SC times for different versions & models?

    Hi I’m doing my research to potentially buy a second hand model s, but I’m reading that SC speeds can sometimes be very disappointing, depending on the model / version. I read about chademo, ccs and it’s not clear to me. It feels like I’ll be waiting a loonggg time at those SC during my...
  36. Reeler

    CCS Charging in NA

    The Tesla supercharger network is getting to be unusable when you need it most (i.e., holiday weekend travel). Europe has a CSS adapter that allows charging with the non-proprietary networks (https://electrek.co/2019/04/03/tesla-ccs-adapter-first-look/) for $190. These folks sell a CSS (NA...
  37. Treetop235

    Tesla charging with CCS adapter... coming soon?

    I have been looking at alternatives to Tesla’s Superchargers, as there are times I am somewhere there isn’t one. The adapter that came with my M3 works withChargePoint, and some others, but not with some. From what I have read, CCS is the fastest growing port, and used by Blink to mention one...
  38. MightyHawk

    Idea for Tesla in USA: SuperCharger to CCS adapter

    A key asset for Tesla is its SuperCharger network. It is what has made it possible for people to consider a Tesla as their primary car, capable of both daily commuting and longer trips, and has driven its vehicle sales. But it's also apparent that the SuperCharger network is an underutilized...
  39. CMc1

    Keele Northbound now all CCS converted

    CCS boom is on. Woodall > Burtonwood and now Keele within a week! Courtesy Of eMobility on Twitter
  40. CMc1

    Burtonwood SC now all CCS

    Credit to @UKTechie on Twitter All bays at Burtonwood are now CCS #eMobility on Twitter
  41. Can37

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Given that the Model 3 now supports the CHAdeMO adapter, is the idea of a CCS adapter dead? I would love to get a CCS adapter that was smaller, cheaper and supports 150kW for my 3, spending $600CAD on a CHAdeMO that is huge and only supports 50kW seems to be a waste. Are Tesla working on a CCS...
  42. MarkX100D

    Is This The Fastest Charging Non Raven Model X?

    Just had the CCS retrofit and decided to test it. First on 50kW DC, then on a 350kW DC and then on a CCS twin post supercharger. Car is a June 2018 built / Sept 2018 delivered Model X 100D. Video describes my experiences. Hope it's useful:
  43. deBoerisTroef

    Model S/x (eu) Ccs Conversion

    Hi, As many will know, starting June 1st, Tesla is offering to convert existing Model X and S to be compatible with the CCS charge adapter that's available for now S/X builds. Has anyone actually gotten this conversion done already? I (NL) had an appointment planned for June 4th, but it got...
  44. G

    Charging in Cornwall

    Hello everybody. I'm Georg and since the 2nd of March I'm driving around in London with a Model 3. In a few month I will have holiday in Cornwall (Haven, Riviere Sand). I could easily charge there but it's not allowed. Any ideas where to charge around that area? In London I found Polar Network...
  45. Allx

    Likelihood of model 3 supporting ccs

    Anyone here with enough knowledge of the SC and CCS standards to take a stab at the chances the 3 already has what it needs onboard to support CCS via adapter (considering the EU variant is CCS) ? I love the SC network (huge competitive advantage for TSLA) but when away from main highways it’s...
  46. F

    Will there be enough CCS Superchargers when RHD Model 3 comes to UK later in 2019?

    Will there be enough CCS Superchargers when RHD Model 3 comes to UK later in 2019? Having reserved a Model 3 in late 2018 I am hoping I will be invited to place an order for a RHD Model 3 later in 2019. However, I am feeling very nervous given about every 2 weeks I drive from Southampton (on...
  47. TMC Staff

    Most Tesla Superchargers Now Retrofitted With CCS Plugs In Europe: Video

    Here is how Tesla retrofitted Superchargers in just 4 months Tesla gradually retrofitted its Supercharging stations in Europe with plugs for the CCS Combo 2-compatible inlet on the Tesla Model 3. We don’t have exact data, but it seems that the majority of stations were equipped with additional...
  48. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Charges At 117-kW On CCS

    Tesla Model 3 is able to take roughly 120 kW from CCS charger As the first Tesla Model 3 were delivered to customers in Europe, it seems one posted eagerly awaited info about maximum charging power. The European version of the Model 3 is equipped with a CCS Combo-compatible charging inlet...
  49. widodh

    [NL/BE] CCS Adapter ervaringen

    Hoewel de CCS adapter nog niet uit is dacht ik alvast een topic te openen. De CCS adapter gaat het mogelijk maken om met >100kW te laden bij CCS stations, onder andere: - Fastned - Ionity - Allego Dat is geen volledige lijst en deze veranderd met de dag, want er komen steeds meer snelle CCS...
  50. TMC Staff

    Tesla Australia Will Add CCS Chargers To Support Model 3

    Tesla CCS to spread around the world Tesla Model 3 in Europe will get a CCS Combo 2 inlet for DC fast charging standard and AC charging (single- or three-phase), but the change to CCS2 (the European version) will be conducted elsewhere around the world (outside North America and maybe a few...