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  1. G

    Can car and app communicate via wifi without internet? [Answer: no]

    Hi - I own a Model 3 and a property in a VERY remote region of Colorado. There is no cell service and no internet connectivity at this location. My question is - if I put a Wifi router at this property, connect both the car and the phone to Wifi, will I be able to use the app to connect to and...
  2. Dameon

    Using API to gather individual battery cell voltage?

    I thought I saw this information somewhere before, but it may have been a screen dump from one of the Tesla hackers rooting efforts and not an output from the API. I trouble-shooting a potential battery pack issue and would like to gather my own data in conjunction with Tesla Service running a...
  3. B

    Cell phone road noise

    On the highway and especially on rough roads I get complaints from those on a call that there's a ton of background noise and it's sometimes hard to hear me. I now carry a 3mm headset in the center console and connect it to my phone if I have long conversations. I've tried both a Samsung 7 &...
  4. EV-Tech Exp

    A review of Tesla's battery technology

    I'm currently creating a video series to review Tesla's battery technology in detail; the first video is all about the cell and it's format, size and chemistry. I've been lurking on these boards for some time but thought it was about time I signed up, starting posting and hopefully this...
  5. Mr So Chill

    Only connecting at 3G

    I just took delivery this past friday and I have only seen a 3G indicator on my display since. I have been all over and can't get an LTE signal. My phone connects to LTE just fine. Ive tried resetting the dash without any luck. Does anyone have a way to for it to connect to 4G?
  6. C

    P85D Battery Sale

    I am selling individual modules from a P85D battery pack. I am looking for $1200 per module. Additionally I will sell individual cells (18650 li-ion) for $5 per cell, but these need to be ordered in quantity of 25 or more. The battery pack had only 5,500 miles on it before being involved in a...
  7. ElectricAvenue

    Hidden gem feature, never forget your cell phone again.

    How many times have you left the house or work and gotten to your destination only to realize you forgot your cell phone. Well I have done it many times until a few days back when my Model S reminded me. Last Wednesday I parked the car while on a Bluetooth call. Next day I got into the car and...