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center screen possessed

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    2020 Model X Software/hardware crash!

    My 2020 Model X had a weird issue happen. Was stopped at a red light, car put itself in park, all alarms and icons flashed, could not put car in drive or press the accelerator or the brake. Car turns off on its own and then turns back on. When the car turned back on all alarms and icons appeared...
  2. Z

    Help! Center screen stuck off and A/C keeps running; can't reboot.

    Here is the problem: The center screen on my Loaner Model S went blank and the a/c is incessantly running. I cannot turn the A/C off and the reboot is not working. I also cannot do anything via the center console. I currently have a Loaner Model S P85 AP 1.0 Original (before the refresh)...
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    Center touchscreen possessed? Switching apps by itself?

    For a few days now, at completely random intervals, the center touch screen starts randomly switching between apps, then flashing back to what it was, then to some other app, then to the car's status... very unnerving. It has gone on for several minutes. Then after a few minutes, the demon is...