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center screen

  1. G

    2020 Model X Software/hardware crash!

    My 2020 Model X had a weird issue happen. Was stopped at a red light, car put itself in park, all alarms and icons flashed, could not put car in drive or press the accelerator or the brake. Car turns off on its own and then turns back on. When the car turned back on all alarms and icons appeared...
  2. aesculus

    Backup Camera Disappears when Touching UI on AP1 Cars

    I don't have too much hope any of this will ever be resolved. A number of years ago Tesla made a change in the UI where if the backup camera was showing (default when you put the car into reverse) any touch of the screen would cause the backup camera to disappear. This is a huge safety issue. I...
  3. B

    Browser freezing to white screen

    My Model X has had the browser freeze to a white screen about weekly since I have owned it. It has been to Tesla twice including right now for this and some other issues. My loaner car is a 2014 Model S and it has done the same thing! This must be a generic problem. You do the 2 scroll wheel...
  4. H

    Pixel Stripe

    My model 3 is about 1 year old; I recently noticed 2 longitudinal strips on the center screen where the pixels do not display any information (they do not sync with the surrounding colors). Each stripe is separate from the other and the stripes occupy about 15% of the screen (longitudinally) and...
  5. S

    Danger - Falling Rocks! I'll say!

    Saw this Model 3 owner's story this morning of a 37 pound rock that fell on to his car while driving in WA. He got damn lucky, and interesting to see how the Model 3 took the hit. That Center screen mount is pretty rock solid and likely this rock put it to the test although it looks like the...
  6. TT97

    Swiping on Center Screen

    Other than the cards, there are several areas on the screen where you can swipe. As many people are aware, pressing "Navigation" and swiping down will quickly navigate you to home (unless you are already near home in which case it will navigate to your work address). Today I accidentally...
  7. B

    Yellow tinted bands on Center screen?

    Just recently I noticed yellow tinted bands on my center screen. They are on the top and both sides. The top is not visible in this photo since the upper part of the screen is dark. I tried rebooting the screen, no change. Anyone ever have this and if so what did you do about it? Ron...