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chademo adapter

  1. F100D

    Anyone in Southern California with an old CHAdeMO adapter just gathering dust?

    Hi all! I'm finding myself in a frustrating situation in which, for stupid logistical reasons, I can't get the charge port on my 2017 MS 100D updated to support the DCFS adapter at this time, nor will I have a home charger installed for another 3-4 months (waiting for particular incentives to...
  2. O

    Tesla Chademo Adapter - Brand New

    Brand new, Tesla Chademo Adapter Never used, box opened for inspection. Asking $550 shipped within USA. International shipping at cost.
  3. Allx

    Hoping for standardization….

    Just saw how some providers try and help TSLA owners charge between super chargers . Good thing the CCS adapter just came out bc I can’t image that MacGyver job would do well over time .
  4. W

    Chademo Adapter FS

    Only used a few times. Listed on Ebay. Chademo Adapter EBay
  5. wreighven

    Basically New CHAdeMO Adapter

    I have a CHAdeMO adapter that is in brand new shape (I’ve only used it once). Looking to sell. Will entertain any reasonable offer. Thanks, Wreighven
  6. M

    Buying CHAdeMO to Tesla Adapters

    Hello Tesla Motors Club community. Our facilities have a number of CHAdeMO-equipped DC chargers that we use to quick-charge Tesla vehicles via adapters. These chargers are available to our private fleet and the traveling public. Tesla has removed the CHAdeMO adapters from the store and we...
  7. 1

    chademo new in box

    New in box chademo Bought and never used. Make offers Located in core de lane idaho
  8. M

    Selling Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter for USA/Canada

    Hello, selling my slightly used CHAdeMO adapter, changed job locations and no longer have a need for using this adapter. In honor of Elon Musk, $420 plus shipping :)
  9. AthleticMonkey

    CHAdeMO Ordered - Still waiting....

    Good eve, everyone. I'm just wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as I am. I just recently ordered a CHAdeMO adapter when they came back in stock on the 5th of July. I've ordered mine on the 7th and haven't heard back at all from Tesla. It's been 14 business days since the order and...
  10. Z


    Will buy chademo, any cont. USA *-D spec Paypal as payment Photos would be nice.
  11. C

    Looking to buy or rent CHAdeMO adapter

    Looking to buy or rent a CHAdeMO adapter. If located in southern California I can pick up.
  12. J

    Vancouver, Canada: Rent your CHAdeMO adapter for one week?

    Hello fellow Vancouverites! I'm doing a road trip up to Smithers, BC around Canada Day this year (2021), and the new Tesla Superchargers don't seem like they'll be ready in time. It looks like there are a bunch of CHAdeMO 50kW chargers on the way up north but I can't buy an adapter anywhere...
  13. N

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO Adapter off the Tesla website, but needed one sooner than the estimated delivery date and was able to buy one at the service center instead. Figured I could just return the one I ordered online when I got it, but unfortunately was not aware of the ridiculous 25% restocking...
  14. B

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter OEM For Sale

    Like New $300. OBO. - New $400 Enjoy the most charging options of any EV owner on the road with the CHAdeMO adapter. Compatible with third-party DC fast charging networks such as Electrify America and EVgo, the CHAdeMO adapter supports charging speeds up to 50kW and works with all Tesla...
  15. Ivanpecuh

    Buy Chademo or wait for CCS Adapter?

    Hey guys, I just picked up my 2021 M3SR+ last week and debating whether I should buy the Chademo adapter or wait for the CCS Combo adapter to release in North America. I live in Surrey, British Columbia and the nearest Supercharger to me is a 15 minute drive whereas the closest BC hydro...
  16. Electrofun

    Chademo adapter

    Looking for a Chademo adapter
  17. Electrofun

    Chademo adapter

    Want to buy Chademo adapter
  18. Z

    WTB: Chademo adapter

    Looking for US chademo adapter Payment is PayPal Interested in near new, few times used, maybe, fully operational. Sent your offer with shipping included to NJ
  19. lUtriaNt

    CHAdeMO Adapter for sale - LA Local Pickup

    Bought this and never used it. I do not have the box but the adapter is brand new. It has been in the front trunk the entire time I've had it. Asking $350.00 Cash only - Local pickup. I do not have PayPal.
  20. G

    Want to buy Chademo adapter

    Hello everyone, if someone have chademo adapter he is not using I would like to buy it for reasonable price. Brand new one on Tesla web site is 400$ plus tax, so any price less then that will be good for me. thanks
  21. COS Blue

    Overpaying for CHAdeMO adapter on eBay

    So I've been looking on eBay at Tesla CHAdeMO adapters and I am confused. They are listing and selling well above what Tesla is selling them for. Am I missing something? Why are people paying so much? Don't get me wrong, I understand whey the sellers are doing what they are doing, I don't...
  22. M

    WTB Chademo adapter for Tesla

    I'm actively (kind of urgently) looking for a Chademo (50KW) adapter for charging my Tesla Model 3 at my work place. Based out of Bay Area, California. Let me know if any one is willing to sell it. Thanks!
  23. Tes*la*rosa

    CHAdeMO adapter, brand new in box

    CHAdeMO charging adapter. New in the box / never used. Brought with me on a road trip for peace of mind. Still in the box. Not planning on traveling anytime soon so up for grabs for $350. Zip 92373 - can meet up along the 60, the 10, the 215, or local Superchargers in Moreno Valley...
  24. E


    When using chademo adapter, some time charging start normaly with 40...45kw speed and after some short time reduce speed to 18 kw, with error; charging adapter fault, attaching picture. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks.
  25. willow_hiller

    Tesla DC V2G with a CHAdeMO adaptor

    Amid all the news that bidirectional charging is not possible via the in-built AC to DC rectifier circuit on the Tesla charging board, a lot of people have overlooked the fact that most existing V2G implementations are done DC to DC with an inverter installed outside of the vehicle (on the...
  26. SilverSp33d3r

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I have a CHAdeMO adapter for sale. Was purchased for a road trip and used twice minor scratches from being in frunk as pictured. $400 obo. Local pickup only please. SoCal - 91750.
  27. Seth2020

    CHAdeMO test on Model 3 (US)

    Just so I would have the extra option on long trips, I decided to splurge on the CHAdeMO adapter when they came back in stock. Today I went to my nearby CHAdeMO charging station and tried it out. This is an EVgo station and is rated 50kW 1. The CHAdeMO connector connected to the female end of...
  28. W

    CHAdeMO Adapter For Rent in Vancouver

    We have a CHAdeMO adapter and decided to offer other Tesla owners in the area to rent it. It gets around 30kW which is nice if going on a trip somewhere without superchargers around. Pick up can be arranged in either Richmond or downtown Vancouver. Please PM for rates and availability.
  29. vitesse

    Chademo questions

    Just been for a long weekend to Paris in our MS70D and quite pleased as we managed to equal or beat the in-car nav consumption predictions and ABRP. We're looking at property in France and this time next month we'll be in the sticks of the southern part of the Vendée. We'll granny charge at our...
  30. Californiates

    FS: chademo adapter, NEW

    Brand new, never used, no box. 450$ shipped.
  31. C

    EVgo is providing Tesla CHAdeMO adapters, AAA discount for EVgo charging

    Electrek is reporting that EVgo will be providing Tesla CHAdeMO adapters at some of its fast charging stations. You are still limited to the adapter's maximum of 50 kW, but it is still much faster than Level 2 charging. "Tesla partners with EVgo to deploy Tesla connectors on their nationwide...
  32. betauser76

    Central Arkansas owners. Anyone with a ChaDeMo adapter?

    I am also having range anxiety. First time to drive from LR to Fayetteville in a few days' time on a quick business trip. According to A Better Route Planner, I should charge at Clarksville's ChaDemo/ Electrify America. But I don't have a ChaDeMo adapter....yet. Alternatively, I could spend...
  33. Vegas

    TESLA CHAdeMO for sale - $450 delivered free to Qld, NSW, Vic

    Hi, This is a genuine Tesla product that I have barely used as I remain within the Tesla SC network. It's suitable for connecting any model Tesla (except M3 ccs) to RACQ/NRMA/RACV - Chargefox and many other public chargers. Retails for $700 Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers
  34. Treetop235

    Tesla charging with CCS adapter... coming soon?

    I have been looking at alternatives to Tesla’s Superchargers, as there are times I am somewhere there isn’t one. The adapter that came with my M3 works withChargePoint, and some others, but not with some. From what I have read, CCS is the fastest growing port, and used by Blink to mention one...
  35. D

    WTB CHAdeMO adapter for Modle 3

    I want to do the Dustball GT Rally New England but the route is difficult for a EV and there are far more options to charge with CHAdeMO along the route but Tesla is out of stock. Does anyone have one available. I am in Chicago and need this immediately. If someone does not want to sell but is...
  36. B

    Problem charging at ChargeFox - session will not start

    Hi All, does anyone know the new process to get a Tesla to charge at a ChargeFox station? I sometimes use the fast charger at the Gold Coast Airport Australia (Electric Highway, yurika type) using my CHAdeMO adapter. Prior to 1 July, no ChargeFox account was required and you could just plug in...
  37. E

    Want to lend or lease your Chademo adapter near Montreal?

    Hello everyone, I have a trip coming soon (from Aug 30 to Sept 8) to Eastern QC and a Chademo adapter would be really helpful. I ordered one from the Tesla shop on Aug 3rd, but it hasn't shipped yet, so I'm concerned I don't receive it on time. I know that Tesla Quebec have 4 that you can...
  38. D

    Interested in Trading My CHAdeMO Adapter for a HPWC

    Is anyone interested in trading my CHAdeMO adapter that has been used maybe four times for your HPWC?
  39. C

    Want to buy CHAdeMO adapter

    Looking to buy a CHAdeMO Adapter. Anyone have one new or used they want to sell? In Florida for vacation and have a close Electrify America that I could be using.
  40. Padelford

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    I had my CHAdeMO adapter firmware updated today at the Seattle SC. I believe this enables M3 charging, as the “new” M3 adapter shown on the Tesla website looks and costs the same as mine. I’ll have to find a Model 3 owner to test. This is the second firmware update I’ve done. There aren’t...
  41. S

    U.S. Model 3 to get CHAdeMO adapter soon

    Saw this article just now from 5/28 in CleanTechnica that I didn't see posted on here yet. Not something I need for our travels but I know this would be a big help to others where non-Tesla DC fast charging stations are. Of course wonder what "soon" means. Tesla Will Offer CHAdeMO Adapter For...
  42. I

    WTB - CHAdeMO Adapter

    Need to buy a CHAdeMO Adapter for my Model S. Shoot me a PM if you're thinking about selling yours. Location: Seattle, WA If you're not local then we can factor in the shipping price as well :) CHAdeMO Adapter
  43. S

    CHAdeMO adapter for sale

    I have a CHAdeMO adapter for sale. No longer needed as I have home charging. Barely used only a handful of times and still in the box. $275
  44. pl804

    FS: CHAdeMO adapter (Palo Alto / Redwood City) – $350

    Part # 1036392-10-C. Used sparingly. See attached photos. Pick up in Palo Alto or Redwood City.
  45. A

    Still waiting for CHAdeMO Charging Model 3

    While I do appreciate humor and the fact that we get new software version with FARTS, what I would really love is an update that helps me on the long run. Why did we not get yet a software update for CHAdeMO charging? I reside in Montreal, Québec, Canada and we have been precursor of this...
  46. K

    CHAdeMO adapter For sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO and I’ve never been to a public charger or had to charge at a public charger. Selling my CHAdeMO, still in its original sealed box I am asking for 500 chipped.
  47. S

    CHAdeMO Adapter for sale

    I have chademo adapter for sale. LA area pickup for $350.
  48. S

    CHAdeMO Adapter for sale

    $300 for Model S chademo adapter. Purchased a couple of years ago. Used it a couple of times. Works great. Can deliver in southern California area.
  49. S

    (For Sale) CHAdeMO Charging Adapter

    Hey there, I am looking to sell my CHAdeMO charger. I purchased this adapter in December of 2017. I used to live in an apartment building with limited access to changing and had to use this once every other week. Lately I have had less use for it, and hoping someone has a good use for it...
  50. e-FTW

    San Francisco: Want to rent Chademo adapter this weekend

    Hey folks, if anyone in San Francisco has a Chademo adapter, I'd love to be able to rent it from you for Sunday. My family is in town, and that has kept me away from charging at work, and we only went out for one long drive (Fremont factory tour+SC and Half-Moon Bay). So now I need a fast...

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