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  1. A

    2023 Model 3 no longer has manual door release in rear [never had them], other changes

    I received my 2023 Tesla Model 3 a few days ago in November 2022. In addition to some of the other features they removed in 2022, the manual door release for emergencies seems to be gone on the rear seats. The battery technology is lithium iron phosphate. I had been looking for a definitive...
  2. C

    Model Y colour change after ceramic coat?

    I’m considering deep metallic blue for my new MY. I saw a post here where someone ceramic coated their DMB MY and the blue appeared slightly darker and I really dig the colour! I’ve read on articles that ceramic doesn’t really alter the colour. For those of you who know anything/have a...
  3. W

    Changing my order before VIN assigned

    Hey everybody, I originally ordered the M3LR on 5/10. I had a change of heart yesterday and decided to change my order to the M3P. I talked to my SA and they told me that switching to the M3P would bump my delivery time up. I looked on Tesla's website and the delivery time for the M3P was...
  4. K

    Changes to the Model S since 2018 Thread

    Hi, can someone post all changes to the Model S since 2018? I know a few include -MCU 2 - AP 3 - Raven suspension / need more details - Faster Performance on Long Range models / 100D - Reduced pricing by almost $20k - More battery up to 400 miles now compared to the 320 from 100D - 250 kw...
  5. S

    New Stiffer Window Seals on 2020 Model 3?

    I looked at a new one the other day in a show room, and the seals around the windows looks thicker and stiffer than my 2019. Can someone upload side-by-side pics or confirm? Also wondering if Tesla will do a retrofit if I pay. Heard this helps with noise.
  6. UncaNed

    Changing the Key FOB Battery??

    I'd really appreciate if somebody please post the keyfob battery changing instructions here. Changed the key fob battery the first time long ago by basically smashing it into place with pliers. Now I'm getting this useless notification suggesting I manually search the manual which has no search...
  7. W

    Order A Y In Canada And Move To States

    Hi all, I really want to pre-order a Model Y but not sure about how the final delivery will be handled if I move to the states after ordering it. I'm planning to move there closer to the end of next year. Has anyone gone through this situation with previous models? Appreciate your help
  8. waflocka

    Mid April 75 update minor interior changes?

    I ordered a MS 60 right before they discontinued it, however the price drop for the 75 happened during my one week period to change anything. I decided to upgrade to the 75 for the $1500 difference, along with that I was given the "new price book". I asked if anything changed besides the...
  9. grayguy

    Charged $500 when told I had time to decide before delivery

    When I was considering purchasing my Tesla, it was right at the time they switched from AP1 to AP2 (and bumped the cost from $3k to $5k). It was unclear what was actually going to be included for that fee, and when it would be available. I wanted to take delivery before the end of the year for...
  10. H

    What are the supercharger use rules for CPO vehicles under new rules?

    I an not an owner yet and I am weighing the benefits of new stock vs CPO purchase. One of the questions that has come to mind was inspired by the upcoming change to free use of the supercharger network. I intend to travel extensively hope to avail myself of use of supercharging while away from...

    Evolution of the Model S (2013 - 2016)

    I'm sure there is a comprehensive thread on here somewhere but I made a Quick-ish video on how the Model S has evolved over time, and thought I'd share it for all interested in buying pre-owned or just interested in general. Let me know if I missed anything! Note: My audio got screwed due to YT...
  12. Fiver

    Model 3 at volume production, still the incremental changes?

    The lack of model years has been a defining feature of the S & X. Incremental updates, rolled into the product as they are ready has done wonders for improving the quality of the S, and are working quickly to improve the troublesome X. On top of manufacturing improvements, major outward facing...