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character limit

  1. NormVA

    Charge Limit will not stay at 90%

    Model 3, 2020, Std Range. My friends new Tesla will not stay at 90% She set the limit to 90% and it drops back to 80%. It was set at 80% when she picked up the car. Thanks, Norm
  2. R

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    Hey guys new sr+ owner here pick up tomorrow been waiting long time for this. My question is I know the on board charger for my car is less then long range. So is it ok to still use a 50amp breaker on the 14-50 plug? I have friends who have Tesla’s and would like to have that option for them...
  3. R

    Picture request: all available characters & symbols on touchscreen keyboard

    I'm working on a creative name for my MS and I'm wondering if a current owner could help me out. I'd like to know which characters & symbols are available on the touchpad keyboard. A pic would be perfect! The character limit for a Tesla's name would be a bonus. Thanks for the help!