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charge controller

  1. gnuarm

    Functional Third Party Charging Control Software

    The Tesla software doesn't support time of charging in a way that is useful to me. I need to be able to set two peak rate time windows during which the car should not charge, and the Tesla software simply can't handle this. Are there any third party apps that handle this properly? Something...
  2. D

    Can only open Charge Port with Android App. No LEDs. Locking Pin slow to release.

    So I have a 2017 Tesla Model S in which the Charge Port door opens but no Indicator lights, also the locking pin takes 12-15 seconds to drop down (unlock) before the charging cable can be inserted. Once the charging cable (Home Charger, Supercharger, etc..) is installed it charges fine. Finally...
  3. S

    Odd noise when starting/stopping charging

    Has anyone had an odd noise come from the front of the vehicle when starting/stopping charging? Almost sounds like a bad ball bearing or actuator of some type going bad. It started doing this earlier this week. I swear this car is just one thing after another. Video:
  4. T

    Setpoint for home charge (@50%) sets but then increases at random elapsed times.

    About one month ago I realized that my usual 50% charge at home, 48amp, Tesla charger was NOT staying at 50%, but instead was re-setting the charge endpoint at variable times after I set the 50% as the limit. I use TeslaFi, and had 4 other apps related to Tesla charging to help me locate...
  5. D

    Trading in car in 2 days…Mobile Connector won’t fully plug-in to Model 3

    Anyone run into this before? Having an issue where my mobile charger won’t fully plug into my Model 3’s port. Charger only seems to go about half way in and not far enough for car to recognize it. I’ve unplugged and re-plugged the mobile connector to its 240v outlet, and the Tesla lights on...
  6. K

    Lowering Charge Remotely

    Hey everyone! I’m a newb. First post This question has probably come up before so apologies in advance. I’m currently on vacation for 1 week. The day I left I took a road trip that required a full charge. With everything I’ve heard about never leaving the battery at 100 unless when absolutely...
  7. T

    Teach me how to charge!

    I’ve had my M3 for a week (delivered to my house when I was away so I never got a dealer run through) and all the videos just show plugging it in. That didn’t work. I called and they sent a service guy out who said my cable was broken and switched it out. Then he said I have to squeeze the...
  8. G

    Dynamic EV Charging is coming – are you in? What do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a study on the impact of EVs charging on the electricity network, and I have a question on Dynamic EV Charging. Dynamic Charging learns how and when you drive and ensures your car is ready to go when you need it for your daily commute, by smoothing out the peaks in...
  9. S

    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    Just signed up for 4 of the new Powerwall 2. A lot I don't know, but appears not a lot of published info available so hopefully signing up will lead to an informed decision. Would really like to learn how to integrate these batteries. Currently live totally off grid on the Big Island of Hawaii...
  10. BertL

    2nd Gen Charger

    I pick up my new S90D tomorrow (ordered 9/1). I placed my Tesla Shop order for a dual charger once my S90D order was confirmed (9/5) in hopes it would arrive and could be installed before I took delivery -- saving me a trip and a wait at my SC. Anyway, yesterday after I got back from the trip...