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charge door failure

  1. P

    Charge port stopped opening on wall connector button

    Hey, my M3P is 1 year old now and I've always 100% been able to open the charge door with the button on the cable. It also always worked to unlock the cable. Now I noticed since 2-3 days that even when I just parked (drivers door even still open, car definitely not sleeping!) and the charge...
  2. C

    Charge Port Door Open (It's Not)

    I have a 2013 Model S which wouldn't charge over AC (supercharging worked). I took it in for service and Tesla initially diagnosed it as a bad charge port (corrosion and some other issues) and said they would replace it for ~$1k. They replaced it and then realized that wasn't actually the main...
  3. G

    Failed repair of broken charge port cover

    I wish Tesla had a feature to disable the touch opening of the charge port. A woman brushed up against the rear driver's side of my MY when I was retrieving some items from the trunk. The charge cover opened, startled her, and somehow ended up broken. A few threads here mentioned a $250...
  4. L

    85D charge port problem

    I own a model S 85D. Just about 100K km built December 2015. It has been a week since my charge port behaves different. When I open the charge port door, it slams open like it doesn't know where to stop. Then when I close it slams the same way and then reopens, close, open like that a couple of...
  5. K

    Tesla Model X will not charge at supercharger or at home charger

    For the future when someone else also has this problem Problem: Tesla Model X will not charge at the supercharger and/or at the home charger. Sometimes works for a few seconds, up to a few minutes then disconnects. No Red error light on the charging port. Solution: Remove the key battery...
  6. mattmass

    Would you drive with a stuck-open charge port door?

    A few weeks ago, I installed a software update. Since then, I've gotten the "charge port door needs replacing" message. I believe a number of other people have been affected by this. I called Tesla service, and they were like "It's cool to drive in this state, don't worry about it." But, what I...
  7. Electricfan

    Charge Port Door won't open - 5 day old car

    Anybody else with a car built in May having issues with the charge port? Mine wouldn't open without banging on it with the heel of my palm (the suggestion of the Tesla service people) from day one. Now tonight even that procedure won't open it. I was going to wait until they could service the...