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charge fault

  1. T

    Setpoint for home charge (@50%) sets but then increases at random elapsed times.

    About one month ago I realized that my usual 50% charge at home, 48amp, Tesla charger was NOT staying at 50%, but instead was re-setting the charge endpoint at variable times after I set the 50% as the limit. I use TeslaFi, and had 4 other apps related to Tesla charging to help me locate...
  2. M

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    This is kind of long, but I am trying to add every detail - any sort of help would really be greatly appreciated. I was coming back home with my family from a semi-long road trip on my 2013 Tesla Model S 85 that I've owned for about 6 months without any sort of mechanical or range issues. We...
  3. L

    85D charge port problem

    I own a model S 85D. Just about 100K km built December 2015. It has been a week since my charge port behaves different. When I open the charge port door, it slams open like it doesn't know where to stop. Then when I close it slams the same way and then reopens, close, open like that a couple of...
  4. K

    Tesla Model X will not charge at supercharger or at home charger

    For the future when someone else also has this problem Problem: Tesla Model X will not charge at the supercharger and/or at the home charger. Sometimes works for a few seconds, up to a few minutes then disconnects. No Red error light on the charging port. Solution: Remove the key battery...
  5. G

    HPWC pulling pranks on me

    Hi, haven't found this issue while researching the forum. I have a S75D 2016 and bought with it a HPWC. It seems gen 1, because gen 2 was introduced later in 2017. It's been reliable so far, with the dip switch set to 48 amps and a 60 amps breaker and appropriate wiring. My car's on board...
  6. T

    Gen 3 Charging fails after update to 2020.20.12

    I have a 2020 Model X and a Gen 3 charger that has worked well until recently. After updating my software to ver. 2020.20.12, I get frequent "charging interrupted, check power source" messages. If I unplug the car and then plug it back in to the charger, it will charge for a few minutes before...
  7. B

    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    My 2018 LR RWD Model 3 is unable to charge faster than 32A using my Tesla Wall Connector instead of the 48A that it normally does. I tried unplugging and retrying the charging as the error message suggested and I also tried resetting my Wall Connector but neither of those things helped. It...
  8. T

    Teach me how to charge!

    I’ve had my M3 for a week (delivered to my house when I was away so I never got a dealer run through) and all the videos just show plugging it in. That didn’t work. I called and they sent a service guy out who said my cable was broken and switched it out. Then he said I have to squeeze the...
  9. Tessaract

    Charging Equipment Fault

    During driving, my Tesla M3 produces a 3-beep warning chime with the message "Charging Equipment Fault. Try different charging equipment". I get multiple warnings, and then they will stop for while (sometimes for 100's of miles) and start up at seemingly random times. This are bizarre warnings...
  10. R

    Going on 4 weeks waiting on a part!

    The Charge port on my X started opening on its own, then closing, then opening again. Then it started opening every time I locked the vehicle. I took it to our new service center here in Pensacola and they said that my charge port cable/sensor is corroded and would need to be replaced, He said...
  11. D.E.

    Charging troubles

    I have a new S75D At home, I charge with 110v, no problems. Now I've taken a trip to Florida. I charged at several superchargers on the way down without problems. A friend in Florida has a Tesla wall charger. He plugs his P85D in without any problems. When I plug my S75D into that same...

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