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charge rate limit

  1. KentuckyX

    My New Record for Charging Speed

    I was traveling yesterday and stopped at a 250kw charger in Nashville, TN. To my amazement, I hit speeds I used to see with my Model 3 - 173kw/521mph! I am running firmware 48.30. Naturally, it didn't stay at this speed for long but amazing nonetheless. Anybody else seeing speeds like this?
  2. Adopado

    Zappi 2 - full power charging

    In case owners are not aware there is a new firmware version released for the Zappi. It addresses one of the Tesla specific issues with charging. Though I haven't experienced this issue with the my Zappi and M3 I know that others have: "This firmware update has been developed to deal with an...
  3. singleview

    Charging habits?

    I know there's been several posts on the virtues of not charging to 100%, on not worrying too much about this etc. But I thought it would be interesting to find out your general charging habit as it relates to charging your Tesla to a 100%. Feel free to add any comments/insights. Thanks!
  4. Master One

    So has anyone already received a new S 60 with software-limited 75 kWh battery?

    Is it still speculation, that the battery of the new S 60 can be charged till full (=80% of real capacity) at all times without downside? the software-limitation is implemented in a way, that the charge slider does not allow to be moved beyond 80% (capping capacity only from the top end)...
  5. marcad80

    Supercharging a 60kWh

    I have read some posts about supercharge rates of a 60kWh MS that dont seem to match what my experience has been. So I went to the St. Lucie, Fl supercharging station this weekend and gathered the following data. For those who dont like data, here are the results: 105 kW peak charge rate...
  6. L

    supercharge data from cross-country road trip

    I finally got a minute to do some analysis on the supercharging data I collected during our cross-country trip (blog here -- ElectricStartupSuperTrip pseudo-blog thread!) and wanted to share it. Attached is an excel file that contains VisibleTesla data from the ~30 supercharging stops we made...
  7. tezco

    Unwelcome change in charging rate

    Just finished an update to 5.9 started about a month ago (been too sick to drive). Need to pull the car out of the garage tomorrow, but the iPad App wasn't working so I had to go out to the garage to raise the charge limit manually. Had completely forgotten that I had started the update last...