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charge speed

  1. N

    Is 23-65 kWh at a supercharger normal for a 2015 model S 70D with recently replaced battery pack?

    A friend of mine was very kind to lend me his 2015 Model S 70D so can see if i want to replace my ICE for a free supercharge Tesla Model S (2016). His car is 2015 and has 250.000km (150K Mi) on it, but less than 40.000 km (24000mi) the battery pack was replaced (refurbished?) under warranty by...
  2. H

    Charging rate - discrepancy between screen and app

    I've noticed recently that there's a discrepancy between the charging rate displayed on the touchscreen and the app. See attached image and screenshot taken seconds apart (apologies for the crappy image). Not exactly sure when this started but I think it's fairly recent. I could understand if...
  3. srs5694

    EV Road Trip: Stopping-Time Poll

    Several recent threads have made me curious about peoples' road-trip habits. The question: Given enough EV range or a fast enough charging time, how much time would you spend stopped on a long road trip -- say, something that involves ten hours of driving (actual on-the-road, wheels-spinning...
  4. madreag

    Charge Speed Reduced, unplug and try again

    Last night, I plugged in my Model 3 into my home HPWC like normal. About 30 minutes later, I checked my phone to see if charging was going good, at which point I noticed it was only charging at 32A. Entered my car and noticed the following error: "Charge speed reduced, unplug and try again...
  5. Cloxxki

    Mid Range charging speed.

    I'm curious for the first reports on how this thing will perform charging. Long Range seems to top out the Super Charger at 120kW for a bit of a session, as do Model S and X in some versions and conditions. Will the MR just charge slower or will it in fact hit a similar peak speed? This might...