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  1. N

    Receiving texts about reduced charging

    Starting a couple weeks ago, every so often I'll get a text to my phone about charging being reduced because another vehicle plugged in and is sharing power. This happens when I'm charging at home with a Chargepoint Charger and not other vehicle attached to it. The latest text happened while I...
  2. ghuie32

    PSE&G New Credits: .105 per kWh and how to get a JuiceBox for less than $100 Installed - NJ

    As of June 1, 2023, PSE&G raised their credits from .02 kWh to .105 kWh for off peak charging. But, you would need a JuiceBox or ChargePoint charger. If you have a Tesla Wall Connector, you can still get the .02 kWh credits. Check out the video I made below!
  3. M

    Chargepoint charger not sending power

    Hello, I live in an apartment complex and lately I have been having alot of issues with the chargepoint chargers. I have the chargepoint flex at my parking spot where i am the only one that can use it. The issue that i am having this charger is that after i plug the charger in, i don't get...
  4. S

    Third Party Charging Stations - Specifically - Chargepoint

    I have a 2016 90D MS - I travel a lot and in the places I travel there are only ChargePoint level 2 chargers - I put it in my charge point app with my model and it takes out the Level 2. When I called chargepoint because there is no Tesla customer service to speak of, I was told it was because...
  5. E

    Advice Needed for Install of Charger PLUS Outlet

    My electrician scouted out my situation and is coming to do an install next week. He's a great guy and knows his stuff but isn't familiar with EV chargers yet. I'm very particular about things and want to do this right. My electric panel is also a very long run from the garage so I don't to do...
  6. GSBJackson

    WTB: Chargepoint 25ft cable only to replace 18ft cable.

    Prefer under $150, else I can purchase an extender.
  7. S

    Level 2 charging behavior - Charge station not powered / Ready to charge - ChargePoint - J1772

    I have a 2017 Model S & I have chargepoint stations at work. For years, I would get out of my car, religiously plug the adapter into the vehicle's chargeport and then mess around with authorizing the ChargePoint station. Last step would be for me to plug the tail from the chargepoint into the...
  8. A

    Someone keeps unplugging my car charger

    Stranger keeps unplugging my car from being charged I went to work out at the gym and parked at the EV Charger for an hour. While I was working out I noticed an alert on the Tesla App indicating that the charge was interrupted. I didn't think much of it until I got back to my car. The...
  9. Treetop235

    Charging w PlugShare or ChargePoint

    I will be driving to an office in Big Bear CA next week, it’s about a two hour drive, in below 40 temps, and some of the trio using snow chains. I drive a dual motor long range. A normal trip would leave me with 50%. And coming down uses very little power. But.ll that’s in nice warm weather...
  10. T

    Chargepoint stations at Philadelphia airport

    Anyone with a negative experience at the chargepoint stations at PHL economy parking? I parked my car and plugged it on August 8. It charged to the pre-set limit (80%) initially. Then day after day the battery was draining about 7% a day without recharging. The battery would have drained...
  11. jjfash

    Friend Removed j1772 Cable with Adapter Still Attached and Couldn't Drive

    I was running late so I sent my girlfriend to pickup my car that was charging at a public ChargePoint station about 10 minute walk away. I gave her the key to the car but not the ChargePoint card. Up to this point, she had only seen me charge the car and had never actually done it herself...
  12. V

    ? about Chargepoint at SFO Long Term Parking

    I'm taking a trip soon and will be leaving my Model 3 at SFO long term parking. had a question about using the free Chargepoint chargers (I've never used Chargepoint before, and I've always just charged at home). After I login with the chargepoint app and plug in the car, does it essentially...
  13. E

    Chargepoint with 8.3?

    Not sure if the chargepoint at my work is broke or the new firmware 2019.8.3 is the issue. Tried to change today after the firmware update and no go. Chargepoint screen showed message: waiting for car. Has anyone been able to use a chargepoint charger with 2019.8.3? Thanks
  14. V

    Chargerpoint Charger qualifies for a rebate?

    Hi, I am considering buying a Chargepoint charger. My company Southern California Edison offers a rebate up to $1,500 on installation of a Level II Charger but a separate meter needs to be installed as well and this cost is covered by a rebate as well. What is not covered is the cost of the...
  15. MountainRatMat

    ChargePoint Broken in Dry Weather

    At my work we have 8 ChargePoint plugs to be used by employees. We are in Southern California and as anyone out here knows the weather is very dry and windy right now. 5 of our 8 plugs are out of service. Everything looks good, logs in, plugs in, however no current flows into the car. I am...
  16. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    I am a Commercial Property Manager in South Florida in addition to owning a MX. I am looking to install some pay per charge stations at a few of the properties and would like to get some input. Yes, we all prefer to either use a supercharging station and/or charge at home. When not...
  17. jrreno

    Issue charging at the Magic Kingdom ChargePoint charger

    I’ll preface this by stating this is a long story just to include all the facts. We are Disney Passholders living in Sarasota and frequently make the trip to Disney parks. I always try to make use of the charging stations because the 6 hours or more at the park give me enough charge to drive...
  18. S

    Jalopnik article on EV charging infrastructure - comments from ChargePoint

    I actually found this to be an interesting read: https://jalopnik.com/maybe-its-not-as-hard-as-we-thought-to-solve-the-electr-1821934370 especially from a Tesla owner's perspective and using Tesla's Superchargers and charging at home. The ChargePoint CEO, Romano, talks about their new app...
  19. S

    South Florida FPL Electric Vehicle Contact/Representative

    Group, Do we have a reliable FPL contact who can assist with Electric Vehicle charger infrastructure issues, specifically at multi-unit dwellings such as condos? Some background: Have been working with Evercharge and Chargepoint for the last 4 months on installing outdoor charging stations at...
  20. JoRey

    Chargepoint Express Plus: First true Tesla Supercharger competitor 400KW

    ChargePoint just released the First charger on the market that blows the Tesla Supercharger out of the water. With the ability to charge at 400KW, using technology already found in Tesla Superchargers. The CEO of the company has also said that he would install a Tesla plug if Tesla worked with...
  21. O

    ChargePoint - Do you have an account?

    The does Tesla MS community also have ChargePoint accounts? I mean there arent many superchargers near me - but there are some ChargePoint stations... But the primary reason I ask, is on my trip to Toronto - the supercharger station is nearly 50 miles from where I will be staying - but they...
  22. Mknac

    Venice, Fla charging

    I am planning a trip from DC to Venice, FL to visit my parents. Using SCs to get there doesn't look like an issue. But once there Venice and even Sarasota look like a charger dead zone. No SCs near by, a couple on Chargepoint and a couple destination chargers. Can anybody local to the area...
  23. J

    Using ChargePoint recharge stations in Australia

    I downloaded the ChargePoint App Unlocked the ChargePoint cable Hey! the plug doesn't Fit!!! Lol what a waste of time. As per usual Telsa Australia have nfi chargepoint exists nor is worth mentioning to me. They had nfi about the Tesla Star City Charging station either, like how you actually...
  24. slcasner

    ChargePoint now has 70A EVSE

    Many of us have been disappointed that the public J1772 charging stations being installed all over the place will supply only 30A. Today there is an article in USA Today with the title "Report: Tesla building I-80 supercharger station" that contains this paragraph: I did not know that...
  25. C

    Central New Jersey Charging Station plans!! (maybe)

    Hello everyone! The name is Chris and I live in the 'good ol' corrupt state of New Jersey!' Unfortunately, dismayed by the lack of 'progress' towards building charging stations in the area of where I live; I decided to take it upon myself to build my very own charging station for everyone who...
  26. Acmykguy

    Chargepoint cost

    Does anyone have an idea of the cost for a chargepoint station? Looking to put one in for a municipality and thought someone here may have an idea before I reached out to the company.