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  1. L

    Model 3 KeyFob to unlock charge port

    I got the Model 3 KeyFob last year and I have only recently discoverers that if you long press (2 Seconds) the boot open button this will unlock the charger port allowing you to pull the cable out without first having to go into the car or app. It’s not very well documented (The Model3 manual...
  2. W

    Charge Port will not unlock

    Hi everyone. I tried to charge my car but the charger would not go in no matter what I tried. I only charge at home, super charger or at work with my adaptor. The adaptor seems to go in when I tried it but of course I can’t use my home charger with it. I also can’t get the UI to unlock the...
  3. B

    Model 3 chargeport door problem

    Last night, my charge port door stopped opening and closing normally. By any means, when I ask to open or close I hear a clicking sound. I can manually try to force it but then it thinks its open when closed and vice versa. Anyone else seeing this problem? Any way to resolve w/o going into...
  4. Mirlen

    Charge port door sticking?

    3/17 Model S, today I had an issue with my charge port door not opening. Clicking the HPWC button initiates a 'click' but nothing happened with the door even after several tries. Unlocked car with all handles out, same thing, tried in mobile app, same thing, tried on MCU, same thing. Applying...
  5. velocty

    New Charge Port - press to open

    Just took delivery of my S90D last night, and during the walk-through was shocked to learn that you can now press on the charge port door to open it! I didn't see any threads on this yet; apologies if I missed it. The magnet appears to now be enclosed in a soft button that depresses slightly...
  6. raetser

    Charging cables with built-in electronics to open chargeport and disconnect cable.

    Dear enthousiasts, As a big Tesla Model S fan and a practical minded human being, I have developed a very nice solution for Tesla model S and future Model X charging cables. Just as with the Supercharger cables, our cables have an integrated button that opens the chargeport when pushed...
  7. jamieb

    Second charge port (J1772) on Passenger side

    New to the forums, have a P85 slated for factory delivery on 12/21 (the waiting is going to kill me). I am fearful of forgetting the J1772 adapter somewhere or having a hotel valet forget to return it to me while traveling. It occurs to me that a practical option (which I'd pay $ for during...
  8. F

    Open ChargePort

    Open Chargeport What is it? As the name suggests, it's a transmitter that will open the charge port of a Model S. Last week I received my EU spec model S, and charged a few times with the cable Tesla supplies with the car. The button to open the Charge port door, really is a nice feature...