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charger home

  1. Tagar

    Upgrading panel and subpanel to have a Wall Connector

    I have NEMA14-50 in my garage, and would like to install Wall Connector using the same line. Currently a subpanel has a 50amps circuit breaker for this line -- This subpanel is fed from the main panel, and has 60amps circuit breaker -- Subpanel has a few other circuit breakers as you...
  2. itsallaboutme

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    Should I go for the 14-50 or hardwire the ChargePoint? I am getting a 200 amp service upgrade which will be paid for by PSEG NJ electric service provider. Hardwire: if I get another charger I would have to hire the electrician to come back and install the new charger. (This is only if...
  3. G

    Long cord Elon signed charger

    Anyone interested in buying an Elon signed (like new) wall mounted charger for $250 ? Pick up in Florida or pay shipping.
  4. aollivierre

    Wall Connector Issue - Help!

    Hello all....Well, I have a charge that has been connected and working fine for over a year. Yesterday the following happen... Charger light on the wall is green showing no issues When I first connect my charger, it acts like its going to charge like normal then I get a charger interrupted...
  5. GedMelbAU

    Stopping and starting Home Wall Connector

    I am writing an app that controls the home wall charger (running at 32amp/7kw) based on electricity prices. If the price is low enough the charger will start. My concern is that if prices fluctuate up and down heavily, this can cause the app to stop and start the charger numerous times (I...
  6. wmself

    Less expensive home charging alternative

    If you're cheap like me you can skip the $500 Tesla charger ($750 with install) and buy the Nema 14-50 adapter they sell and just install the plug. I'm getting 30 miles/hour of charge which for me is plenty fast. Total cost was $185. My charger comes on at 12:00am and by 8:00 am I've added 240...
  7. N

    Experience with home charger in outdoor location

    Anybody have experience w/ the home charger in an outdoor, unsheltered location? Until I can get a garage built, I will need to mount it on the side of the porch. It will get exposed to rain, snow, harsh sun and wind, without much cover. The plastic looks pretty weather-proof, and Tesla says it...
  8. B

    Elvi charger

    Anyone installed and used an Elvi charger (EVBox Elvi charging station | EVBox). Any positive/negative experiences?
  9. L

    London home install recommendation + charger type

    Hi all - 1st post on here! I'm just about to order an M3 (standard range +), and wondered if anyone could recommend an installer who covers south east London/Kent, and also an idea of price? 2nd question (related), is do I have to fit a Tesla charger or can I get similar performance from a...
  10. A

    Basic Tesla Charger charging at 32A?!

    Guys, I used to use the basic charger that came with the car plugged into a regular 110V outlet. I used to get 6km/hr using around 8A of current. I just plugged it in a 240V outlet and I’m getting 48km/hr using around 32A! That’s pretty fast! I wasn’t expecting that from the basic charger...
  11. R

    tesla MC240-1 Charger

    I recently discovered an unused Tesla MC240-1 charger in my garage. I sold my roadster several years ago and didn't realize this was still around. Does anyone know if it has any value and would like to purchase it? thanks
  12. G

    3 Pin Charger Tripping House

    Hi, Newbie owner (this lunchtime from Dartford). My home charger isn’t being installed until later in the week, so I thought I’d top up the charge I used returning home using the 3 pin plug adapter provided. I’ve tried two different plugs in the house (not using extension leads)... but they...
  13. B

    2018 Tesla Solar Smart(er) Home - P10D? - For Sale or Rent (Denver Metro, CO)

    Are you or someone you know moving to the Denver area or looking for a Tesla Home? We are moving, but it was not without some real heart tugging for the home that we created. Located in Centennial, CO (south east suburb of Denver) Things that are great about this home: Location, Privacy In...
  14. B

    [Bay Area] Signature Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $644

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Matte Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II This is a special Limited Edition version signed by Elon Musk. 24-foot version These are not available for purchase from Tesla. I received it as a gift from Tesla, but don't need it. I'm selling this one for...
  15. B

    [Bay Area] Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $444

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II 24-foot version These sell on the Tesla website for $500 + $44 (tax) = $544. I'm selling this one for $444 You can save $100 and have it today. No waiting. Pictures are from the website, as this is still in the...
  16. J

    BRAND NEW: Tesla Limited Edition Elon Musk Signature Black Wall Charger Connector 80Amp

    Brand new in box, never used $490 Pickup in SoCal, zip code 90292 If shipping, buyer pays shipping
  17. Triumphz28

    JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Smart Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE

    Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE | eBay JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Smart Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE Works with every plug in vehicle including all Tesla vehicles. Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging...
  18. FlyErik

    Possible to use Tesla Wall Charger to charge our CMax Energi as well?

    We plan to have a Tesla 240v wall charger installed in our house and we also own a Ford CMax Energi. Does an adapter exist which would allow us to plug the CMax in when we're not charging the Model 3? Info seems very scarce online so I haven't had any luck finding the reverse of the adapter we...
  19. Cripps

    FLO X5 and Model S disagree on current draw (Amps)

    HI there I have a FLO X5 EVSE at home. The current draw indicated by the FLO EVSE is always less than the current draw indicated by the car during charging. My MS 100D (2018, running software version 2018.46.2) says "30A" but the FLO app / website reports only 28.8 Amps. Does the Tesla...
  20. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  21. T

    Do i need a wall charger?

    Hi, am new to Tesla, and I will get my model 3 this Friday. Do I need to charge my car with a wall charger? or can I charge it with the regular electrical extension? my daily commute would be around 15 miles. I wonder if I need to charge daily or weekly? Please let me know? Thanks,
  22. W

    Anyone interested in a Nissan 44kw CHAdeMO charger?

    Ment for charging on a commercial or industrial center. NSQC442E model number. Never been installed, just dusty. Looking for reasonable offers for sale.
  23. karpetkutter

    Charger Configuration and Install New M3

    Hi Guys , I have just recently received my invite to configure my M3 and now that I have the order setup its time to think about chargers. Where did you guys go for chargers? I was looking at the Tesla charger but not sure if you get the rebate on it? It wasnt until I was on here that it...
  24. S

    New Tesla S Owner

    I was expecting 100D model to arrive in June but I was able to get it, unexpectedly, this weekend. At the moment I can only charge at 12amp/4mph. My expectation is to drive about 40 miles daily. Should I go for a higher charger? Any suggestions when the electrician shows up on Tuesday? Thank You
  25. G

    Tesla Wall Connector Charger HPWC Gen 1

    Hi Moving to new house. Today I'm taking down the Tesla HPWC and I'm thinking that at the new place I will just setup a NEMA 14-50. My car has a single charger so I'm not really using all of its potential. But I like the convenience of the HPWC versus having to plug and unplug the mobile...
  26. murph335

    Arizona: Charger Installation 50A - Great Service! Top Choice Electric

    Hey TMC members when I purchased my Tesla I went to the find installer site. I called 3 companies for estimates. One came out and the pricing just didnt make sense and the owner couldnt explain his own pricing model for a 2hr job. I Finally called TOP CHOICE ELECTRIC for an estimate. They...
  27. S

    Wall Charger and Outlet Installation

    Hi All, I am new to the forum, please bear with me. I am not comfortable with anything electrical. My MX 90D is confirmed for 9/23 delivery. I need some inputs regarding the home charging. I called few electricians including the one listed on Tesla site. They were quoting anywhere between...
  28. M

    48 amps or 72 Amps... Why should I get either?

    OK. I am a Naval Architect, not an Electrical engineer. Besides the obvious... "72 Amp charger can get you to charge faster", why do I need a 72 Amp charger? Why does Tesla say that 110 and 220 charge times wont change? Is that because I wont pull more than 48 amps off the basic home...
  29. F

    EV Charging Incentive Program

    Ontario is showing its support for electric vehicles (EVs) by offering up to $1,000 to help you purchase and install charging stations for home or business use. Find out whether you're eligible and how to apply for a rebate. Worth a look at Electric vehicle charging incentive program
  30. 3

    Home Charging (for those lucky owners): insurance

    I'm inquiring if any of you have arranged your own insurance for the wall-charger (not the installation itself) because your OC/IC (owners' committee or incorporated owners) don't agree to use the existing building insurance to cover this new piece of electrical appliance in the parking. If you...
  31. CaptDaveHowe

    High Power Wall Charger -Problem Solved?

    I purchased the high wall power charger with the Model S and have had since last March. After my house was re-built after Sandy, which was completed last June, I had the electrician upgrade the power service and install a separate 100 amp service directly to the charger. The charger has never...