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charger map

  1. MontyFloyd

    Hosting Tesla (Super)Charger, the offer and expense.

    Years ago Tesla created the "Host a Supercharger" offer with info on hosting commercial locations. Soon after Ford jumped on the NACS bandwagon, Tesla started responding to all the "Host a Supercharger" requests. Except it is only for Destination chargers, and seems to be at cost by property...
  2. M

    Saved Previous Charging Location

    Did they completely remove non-Tesla charging locations from the map or am I missing some setting? I've done some searching and can't find this exact problem with so many other problems displaying chargers. I'm looking for places that I have charged before. Not even Home and Work show as...
  3. R

    Charging App Chaos

    Guys, It seems to me that there's really no good, reliable solution for finding charge points using an (iOS) app. For example, we will be attending Embedded World in Nuremberg later this month. I was just looking at where I can charge at or near the hotel we'll be using. I have the following...
  4. evmile

    Map of 70 Amp J1772 chargers

    I am considering getting the dual charger upgrade for my Model S and was looking to see how many locations besides my home would have 70 Amp J1772 charging. I know original Roadster locations have been upgraded to a J1772 plug but I couldn't find a map of these locations and if there are any...