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  1. B

    72A Charger Upgrade

    I have a June 2016 S P90D and apparently I have a 72A charger that is software-limited to 48A. When I talked to the dealership they said they couldn’t activate the upgrade because I’m not the original owner. While that is true, has anyone else been told this? Is there some reason they don’t want...
  2. B

    NJ FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle $350 OBO

    Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle. $350 or best offer. 1. 1 x Mobile Connector - 20' cable 2. 1 x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 3. 1 x Storage Bag It's "new" in that it came with my Tesla but I didn't use this since I purchased a wall charger instead. Local meet in Northern NJ. I'm not...
  3. H

    Gen 3 Charger for sale

    I have a brand new never opened 24ft Gen 3 charger for sale. Pick up in Atlanta for $450. $40 extra to ship. Thanks. Henry Text me at 404.323.3389
  4. J

    EV chargers in Sydney increasing??

    Good morning all, Hope this post is not to long and i can seek some good clarification. With the new partnerships such as Evie - AMPOL / HUNGRY JACKS and the NSW incentives - how soon do you think we will start seeing the big roll out of fast chargers? I regularly check most apps - chargefox...
  5. A

    New Wall Connector (Gen 3, 24 ft cable, still in box) for sale in Ottawa

    Hello, I am selling a recently purchased (never left the box) brand new Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector with 24 ft Cable. I'm based in Ottawa, CA. If interested, please message me. I paid Tesla CAD $717.55 in Oct-2021. I offer it here for CAD $550. Thanks, Alex M: 613-314-6591
  6. F

    How is everyone charging their AirPods with the wireless charger?

    I think I've gotten spoiled with the wireless charger in the center console. I never carry a charging cable for my phone anymore, but then I'm out of luck when my AirPods need a charge. Has anyone found a good way to get AirPods to charge on the wireless charger? It needs to be spaced up...
  7. rfullerton

    Charging Equipment for Sale

    Hey all, I have two chargers for sale: 1. I have a Tesla Mobile Charger, I believe it is a gen 2 that came with my 2020 Model 3. I have never opened it and it has not been used. [$200] 2. I also have a JuiceBox 40 (not pro) that I used with my 2020 Model 3. This has been used, but is in...
  8. 8

    Installing a New gen 3 charge point uk help?

    Hi all im after some advice if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I plan on running a 6mm cable to a 32amp outlet on my hager board i have a spare zone (see picture circled in red) Is this sufficient as im reading i need a type b rcd? And also surge protection And possibly pen...
  9. R

    Is installing a charger in a condo worth the high cost?

    My quoted price was $5k (including a charger, permit, labor, etc). I'm hesitant since I live within a walking distance of superchargers and other public chargers. But my guess is they are pretty busy. (1) Is that price normal for an underground condo parking structure in LA? (2) The...
  10. B

    Model 3 OEM Wireless Charger

    For sale is an OEM Model 3 wireless charging pad with USB-C connection. Compatible with 2020+ Model 3. Slight signs of use but works great. Will ship for $90.
  11. C

    WTB: Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    Decided to not get a Wall Charger (unless a really good price) and figured this was the second best option. I’m fine with the current charging speeds with the mobile connector. A second one would be nice to have. Let me know if you have one available. Located in Dallas.
  12. G

    Gen 3 Wall Connector - 18 ft - Bay Area

    18 ft Gen 3 Wall Connector for $350
  13. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  14. M

    Brand new 18' Tesla Wall Connector -$400 + shipping

    I am selling a brand new 18' Tesla Wall Connector. Product is still in its unopened box. $400 + shipping. Located in Central Coast of California but happy to ship out. Please let me know if interested.
  15. T

    FS: NEW Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet 80 Amps HPWC SoCal

    For Sale: New Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet - Gen 2 can go up to 80 amps for faster charging versus Gen 3 (48 amps) Location: Los Angeles, CA - Prefer selling local. Not planning to ship package for now. Price: $600 New, never used. Planned to install this at previous home...
  16. E

    Evamped Center Ludicrous console, rear console and drawer

    Hi all I recently sold my 2014 Model S to get a new Model 3 and am selling my evamped accessories. All less than a year old bought directly from Evamped Center drawer $$35 ($80 new), rear console $175 ($300 new) and Front ludicrous center console with Qi charging and it lights up. $250 ($475...
  17. fasteddie7

    Gen2 bouncing between 48a and 24a

    I’ve had my gen 2 wall charger since 2016. Never had an issue charging at 48a. Today it suddenly started dropping to 24a for a while then back up to 48a, then back again indefinitely. The breakers are all double bar and I don’t hear any buzzing or anything that seems out of wack. The gen 2...
  18. J

    Parking spot with EV charger for rent

    Hi all, I have a parking spot with an EV charger available for rent Downtown Toronto (Richmond x Spadina). $200/Month. Please message if interested.
  19. T

    Can I install charger on an existing 70amp breaker?

    So I’ve installed new 60amp breakers and all work flawlessly. An existing breaker in an old panel is 70amps. Wiring gauge etc all in good order. Wondering if 70amps is ok on mobile charger with adapter on 240v. Thank u
  20. B

    Gen 1 24ft wall connector 80A

    Have a 24ft gen 1 wall connector for sale. Will consider reasonable/fair offers. Previously mounted with side entry electrical service (side knock out). This version can handle up to 100 amp service (up to 80 supplied to car depending on model)
  21. B

    Wall connector version?

    Can anyone help me identify which gen wall connector this is. Looking to buy it from a local but the details are light (previous home owners left it behind).
  22. A

    DFW area Tesla Charger for Sale

    Tesla Wall Charger DFW area for sale $350 or best offer. Had it for my Model Y brand new 2020 model but I got in a wreck and it was totalled.
  23. derdzyan

    Tesla Gen1 mobile connector wall side wiring diagram

    Hi I bought from Ebay a gen1 UMC and didn’t notice that its wall end adapter is cut. So now as I'm far away from the US and received it I need to figure out how to refurbish it. I see there are two thick red wires which are L(+), two thick black which are N(-) and green-yellow which is G...
  24. G

    Dryer Buddy Plus Auto NEMA 10-30 to 10-30 + 55 feet extension 14-50 outlet

    Tired of having to unplug your charger when you use your drier, or the other way around? Selling a 2-year-old Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO - NEMA 10-30 5.5' input cable - NEMA 10-30 Dryer outlet - NEMA 14-50 Remote EVSE outlet (55' cable) - Includes color screen to monitor EV charger consumption...
  25. A

    WTS unused Model 3 wrap and accesories

    Hey everyone, I originally planned to buy a tesla model 3 in 2019, before they came chrome deleted and with wireless charging but have since bought a 2021 model y instead. I bought a kenriko chrome delete kit and a nomad wireless charger that I'm now looking to sell. Let me know if you're...
  26. Q

    Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle (new) + SAE J1772 Charging Adapter

    Same as in the links below. Taken out of my New Model Y - Never been used or plugged in: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle SAE J1772 Charging Adapter Comes with the following: 1 x Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20’ cable) 1 x NEMA 5-15 adapter 1 x storage bag 1 x SAE J1772 adapter $300...
  27. webbah

    For sale: Tesla Wall Charger - Silver - with CEE 32A 3 phase Red Socket

    Selling a slightly used Tesla Wall Charger in Silver with a CEE 32A 3 phase Red socket. Simply mount to the wall and plug into a female red CEE 32A 3 phase, or direct wire if you prefer. My new apartment has EV charging already installed so I no longer need this. 400 Chf!
  28. Z

    Gen 3 Wall Connector BUT I don't have access to WIFI (Condo Garage)

    Hi All, I searched and searched but couldn't find the answer on this forum or google. If it is indeed here somewhere, but i've missed it, my apologies. So I took possession of my 2021 model 3 on December 18th, 2020 and installed the Gen 3 connector on that same day by a certified electrician...
  29. T

    Changes to umbilical function

    I'm just noticing a difference in the "umbilical" functions between old and new Teslas. On my Model S, when the car is fully charged and I go to heat up the car, it'll draw power from the charger in order to keep the battery at a full charge. On my Model Y, even though it's on the charger it'll...
  30. R

    Duosida Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger, J1772, 23' cord

    (Mods - if this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know or move this - thank you!) For sale is a Duosida Level 2 Portable EVSE Charger with a 23' Cord. This model uses a NEMA 14-30 plug to a J1772. This will charge a Tesla (utilizing the J1772 adapter) as well as a variety of...
  31. G

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    Can any of you Leicester folks recommend a wall charger installer? I dont hold much faith in the person im chasing at the moment, barely has the time to respond to my messages.
  32. B

    Mobile connector died

    It looks like my 7 month old gen 2 UMC has died. I get no lights on it and the car doesn't recognize that it is plugged in. I have another umc that I keep in the car and it works perfectly fine plugged into the same outlet. I swapped around the 14-50 adapters and it seems to be the umc. I've...
  33. J

    Tesla wall connector / charger For sale $500 - Los angeles

    Selling my brand new Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. New in box. Never Opened. Still Sealed. Part #1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware. Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. seeking $500, local pick ups only, Marina del...
  34. L

    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    I've got an V1 HPWC that charges at 80 amps on my dual charger P85D. It worked in a bulletproof fashion for many years. I brought the car in to replace a leaky LCD screen and they convinced me that the Infotainment Upgrade made more sense, so I did it. However, ever since I brought it home...
  35. R

    NIB Black Wall (P/N 1050067-11-H) Connector Signed

    Available for sale is Brand New Factory sealed Black Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. P/N 1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. Curious about installation, here's a link to the user...
  36. S

    Non-Tesla Charger Warranty issues

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn't find it mentioned. I would like to install a Tesla wall charger in Sheffield, but all this talk of additional electrical requirements in the UK and expense is off-putting. However, the Tesla dealer told me if I use any other home charger any...
  37. AlexP

    WTB: Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable New or Used For the right price I would settle for a Gen 3 18 Foot Cable New or Used
  38. P

    Charger with data sharing to power company?

    Looking to get a L2 charger installed at home next week. My power company offers a $750 rebate if we sign up for their Time-of-use program and agree to share charging data with them for 1 year. Does the Tesla Wall Connector have this ability? If not, what chargers support this?
  39. aollivierre

    Wall Connector Issue - Help!

    Hello all....Well, I have a charge that has been connected and working fine for over a year. Yesterday the following happen... Charger light on the wall is green showing no issues When I first connect my charger, it acts like its going to charge like normal then I get a charger interrupted...
  40. B

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Moderator comment - please use this thread to post charge point Q/A, comments and suggestions regarding charge points thread merged from "Home Charger Decisions" and "Charge Point / Charger Suggestions [megathread]" to keep info together Hi all, I understand this topic has been covered on...
  41. B

    Help with finding an Electrician NYC

    Looking for an assist. We're planning to purchase a model Y but having some trouble finding an electrician in Queens, NY to do an instal for us. It's a simple job--drop is about 35 feet from the panel. Building is brand new and nothing needs to be done other than running the wire and installing...
  42. TheRFMan

    What are your experiences sharing a home charger between two cars

    I'm looking for your experience/advice/anecdotes regarding sharing a single charger between two vehicles. I currently have a 2012 Chevrolet Volt that works well and that I plan to keep for a few more years. I will be adding a Model 3 in the next 6 months or so (depending on the COVID...
  43. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles! The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your specific needs: cup holder or storage tray. Check out the video to see it...
  44. J

    2 ea. Brand new Silver wall connector Gen 2 HPWC 24 feet

    Bought both of these and then received two black referrals, so... I don't need them. They were both sealed in the box until I opened one for this ad. Selling for retail, $500 each, so no tax and no waiting, as they are out of stock. Prefer local pickup or meet - San Francisco Bay Area / Marin
  45. J

    Hubbell 14-50R Receptacle (HBL9450A)

    Never used. Electrician is supplying his own so I don't need this one. Specs here: https://www.grainger.com/product/HUBBELL-WIRING-DEVICE-KELLEMS-50-5Z885?internalSearchTerm=50%2C++Industrial%2C++Receptacle%2C++Black%2C++No+Tamper+Resistant&suggestConfigId=8&searchBar=true Asking $90. Comes...
  46. C

    Signature Black - Gen 2 Wall Connector - Unopened Box

    Selling Elon Musk Black Wall Connector - Brand New unopened Box. This is a Gen 2, 80A Black Matte, 24 Ft Wall Connector with Signature from referral program. $550 obo Prefer Local Pick up: Dallas Texas.
  47. A

    Retractable Ceiling Mounted Wall Charger

    Morning gang, With some inspiration from others on this forum and the web, I began constructing a retractable, ceiling mount for my wall charger. I back my MY (Jospeh "Blue" Polaski) into my garage which puts my charging port close to the door going in/out of my garage. There's too much foot...
  48. C

    Expected price for a home charger?

    Hey folks, i can't help but to think I'm being taken for a ride with the government grant thing and having electricians bump up their price by stupid amounts knowing that you're considering the grant in the price. How much have people paid for their chargers, all in? For e.g. - I'm being...
  49. S

    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    Changing the Wi-Fi (#1) network on a Tesla Gen 3 charger is not as simple as it should be. It *appears* you can do it from a web browser connected to the charger... but when you select the new Wi-Fi SSID, you get a red "Forbidden" message, and are left with no clue as to what to do. The...
  50. gallde

    If I don't want wireless charging...

    ...can I get a replacement phone platform for my model Y that has the slots for the wired phone charging plug at the bottom? My Pixel 2 doesn't have the Qi charging, but I'd like it to connect to plug in the tray as shown in the manual. Clearly the wireless charging tray doesn't have the slots...

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