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charging at home

  1. D

    Questions about chargers

    I'm planning on getting a M3 this year and trying to wrap my head around charging, my main question right now is this. Since I have no garage I will have to have some sort of outlet outside to plug in to, ( I dont know if I want to use the WC yet) is the UMC waterproof living in Seattle we do...
  2. S

    Limited Charging Issue

    Hi, I’ve had the car for 2 years and just last night I started having limited charging error and I can hear it keep clicking without fully locking in. It was charging at half speed 16/32A. I took a closer look this morning and I think I found the issue. Looks like there’s a small cap stuck in...
  3. D

    Scheduled Charging

    Can someone explain why, if I have schedule charging set to start at 130a, and plug in the car when I get home at 6p - why does it start charging???? I’m constantly checking the app and turning off the charging to try and keep it to off hours….it will stop then restart on its own…..
  4. S

    Eversource ConnectedSolutions for Tesla Owners

    I stumbled upon this on Eversource’s website. There is a program that gives incentives to Tesla owners to track their energy consumption when charging at home and it’s impact on the grid. I tried to apply but it has reached its capacity for my area in MA. I’m curious if anyone on here was able...
  5. K

    Texas Tesla Owners - Charging Costs

    Interested in what others in Texas do to keep their charging costs low. I've looked at free nights plans, but for now have a fixed rate plan with the same price per kWh all day. My wife and I both work from home and didn't want to pay the higher price during the day. What type of electricity...
  6. J

    Unwanted Cabin Heating

    As we get into colder weather here in the northeast, I've discovered an unwanted aspect of keeping my (new to me) 2013 MS plugged-in in an unheated garage: it seems to want to waste electricity heating the cabin even when I haven't called for heat via the app. I spoke to my local service center...
  7. E

    120v Extension Cord Charging

    Hi everyone! People were super helpful on my first general-tips post, so I thought I'd shoot out another with a more specific question. I've looked through the existing threads and haven't found all that much that's applicable to my situation. General question: Is charging from a 120v (regular...
  8. C

    NEMA 6-20 from two NEMA 5-15 outlet on different phase for faster charging?

    Is that possible to connect a NEMA 6-20 socket to two NEMA 5-15 outlets on different phase (180 degrees) with some 14 AWG cables (Shown in the photo)? Is that 20 means 20 amp total (10 amp/phase) or 20 amp/phase?
  9. S

    Charging speed slows down as you reach 100%

    I have my model S for 6 months. But it used with the four-year Tesla warranty. It was manufactured December 2016. I live in the hills and therefore I eat up a lot of energy and the mileage adjusts showing me only 280 miles full charge which these days only goes to 99%. I rarely charge past 90%...
  10. M

    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Just ordered Model 3 standard range plus (263 miles), my garage has no 240V I believe, and not sure it's 100A or 60A. I have no knowledge of electrical stuff, so will hire an electrician to do things right. I read many posts and still am a bit confused. It seems this is what I need to do/make...
  11. R

    Scheduled charge vs let it charge on its own

    I've done some light research and can't find anything either way, so I figured I'd ask here... I live in an area that doesn't have any time-of-day energy cost differences - so given that, is there any short-term/long-term benefit of turning off scheduled charging and let it charge when the car...
  12. A

    Would you use valet overnight charging?

    (Re-posting in the correct forum) I have to street park my car. If I need a full charge in the morning, sometimes I drop it at a local L2 charger overnight and walk or bike home and then walk/bike back in the morning. For the other apartment dwellers / street parkers out there: would you use...
  13. K

    Charging interrupted issue

    When i charge my Model Y at home with Tesla home charger, after about 30 mins into it i get a message that "Charging interrupted" and charging stops. On the wall charger i see red light. Then i click the button on charging handle and charging starts again. And the cycle repeats itself. Anyone...
  14. B

    Help with finding an Electrician NYC

    Looking for an assist. We're planning to purchase a model Y but having some trouble finding an electrician in Queens, NY to do an instal for us. It's a simple job--drop is about 35 feet from the panel. Building is brand new and nothing needs to be done other than running the wire and installing...
  15. GedMelbAU

    Stopping and starting Home Wall Connector

    I am writing an app that controls the home wall charger (running at 32amp/7kw) based on electricity prices. If the price is low enough the charger will start. My concern is that if prices fluctuate up and down heavily, this can cause the app to stop and start the charger numerous times (I...
  16. A

    No off-street parking - is my home-charging solution a bad idea?

    I've ordered my first Tesla (MY) and in preparation for its delivery I'm debating on whether or not this charging solution I have in my mind is... just crazy or actually feasible? We're lucky enough to only live 1.5 miles away from a bank of gen 3 super chargers set to go live any week now so...
  17. E

    Tesla X Charging Source

    I live in the heart of hurricane ally Fort Lauderdale , lost power for 6 weeks back in 2005 and live in a condo where gas powered generators are not allowed. I just tested out charging my Model X from my solar powered electric Duffey 21, boat. It has a .75kw solar array charging a 48V 200w-hr...
  18. Story

    Stuck at 12-15A ... how to reset max charge current?

    I tried searching but had no great luck. Anyone debugged this issue? This week I rented a place, and the owner generously shared his Roadster wall Charger, but asked me to limit to 12A to avoid tripping his breaker. I’m back home, and on my 70A capable charger ... but the car refuses to offer...
  19. D

    Charging at Home need help: Extension cable, outlet, new cable?

    Hello all, I've recently took deliver of my model 3 (less then 48 hours ago), I attempted to charge my car at home today and noticed the standard charging kit that came with my car doesn't reach any outlet. For the time being I'll be using a local super charge station but would like to be...
  20. B

    5-15 extension cord

    I have been researching extension cords to use for charging my Tesla Model 3 on a now and then basis when staying with family out of town. They only have a 5/15 plug so it is trickle charging (12 amp). I need to use at least a 25 ft. extension cord. Everything I have researched says I need at...
  21. Walter Nadeau

    Want to Buy or Trade- Need 18' HPWC Cable, have 8' cable.

    Good day, I have the HPWC unit with the 8' cable for my Model 3. Now that we are buying a Model Y, I need a longer cable so it will reach both vehicles. I THINK you can just swap them inside the HPWC, though it has been a while since I installed it. AAAAAAnyway, If you have a long cord and want...
  22. Marcacer

    Load balancing issues while charging my model 3 after new update

    Hi, I have a 3x25 AMP house connection and many electrical appliances, to save costs on creating a heavier house connection i bought a Wallbox EV charger with a Load Balancing system. This system uses the free space i have in my house connection for charging the Tesla. The idea is not to load...
  23. upkerry14

    Charging. Home or Supercharger?

    OK, I get I'm supposed to use a SC when I'm going on a long trip and charge up to 100% if I want to. Does it make any difference if I charge to 100% at home and go on a long trip or use a SC? The SC charges faster (?) than home but both can charge to 100% so is there a recommendation on this...
  24. K

    Triple Amps while charging at home?

    Usually when I plug my car into our 110v at home, the app says it is charging at 1 kW and 12/12 A. However, this time it said it was charging at 4 kW and there was a circled number 3 in front of the 12/12 A. Does anyone know what that number 3 means, and if that 4 kW could have been accurate?
  25. K

    Lowering Charge Remotely

    Hey everyone! I’m a newb. First post This question has probably come up before so apologies in advance. I’m currently on vacation for 1 week. The day I left I took a road trip that required a full charge. With everything I’ve heard about never leaving the battery at 100 unless when absolutely...
  26. fishheavy99

    Off Peak Charging - How Do You Do It?

    Hi All, What is the best practise for off-peak charging? I set up a scheduled charge with a start time of 9:15pm, which makes sense, but the departure time is confusing, mine varies, I don't really want it doing anything other then making sure it doesn't charge past 9am. My off-peak times are...
  27. icmurf

    Location based charging limit? Home vs. work.

    I have LR AWD and a 100 mile round trip commute. Free charging at my office with 40 amp level 2 ... about 35 mi/hr charging. I have 240V outlet in my home garage and have been using the mobile charger and plugging it in regularly at home to make sure I have enough range at all times. Now ...
  28. SheriffMoose

    Retractable Charging Solution - Driveway Charging

    I'm happily owning my new Model 3 SR+ and she's been great. Sadly though, my garage is too small to fit her well enough to get her in there regularly. As a result, she's typically parked in my driveway, usually behind my SO's car since I typically leave work first. How I'm charging today: I've...
  29. JimDog

    Electricians, did I totally miss an opportunity here?

    Apologies in advance for the noob question... Earlier this summer we had a whole house humidifier installed. A 240v line was run through the garage to the basement to power it. At the time I thought it would be "years" before we got an EV. But now I'm expecting a M3 in a couple of weeks. I...

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