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charging cable

  1. S

    MX Type 2 - Type 2 cable

    Hi guys! If you have a time can you please advise if I can buy Type 2 - to Type 2 charging cable, which is used for the electrical charging stations with no cable, but socket only? We are moving from Ukraine and now in Braila, then go to Constanca. Maybe there is any centre or person who can...
  2. 1

    Gen 3 cable too short

    I just bought a Gen 3 Tesla charger with a 18’ cable, but it’s too short. I wondering if any knows where I can buy an extension cable for my cable. Thanks, Rob
  3. J

    Can I leave the wall connector cord/plug on the ground in the rain?

    My wall connector is the full 18 feet from the port on my Model Y. There is no place near to hang up the plug and I don't want to walk 18 feet each way to hang the plug up. So I'd like to leave the plug on the ground but I'm concerned that rain and snow would get in and cause a short. Has anyone...
  4. komrade

    Tesla Mobile Connector Charging Kit

    For sale: Tesla Mobile Connector cable. Works fine just don't use it as I've other cables. This is Gen 1 charger and will charge faster at 40A vs Gen 2 at 32A. Includes: (1) mobile charging cable (1) 14-50 adapter (1) 120v adapter Asking $300. Storage bag not included as I don't have it...
  5. SparkyTX

    Gen 3 Wall Connector cable temperature

    I feel a bit silly asking this but is it normal for the cable going from the Wall Connector to the car to get pretty warm when charging? My wall connector was installed by an electrician that does this all the time so I'm assuming this is normal. It is a 60amp circuit so it is outputting the...
  6. Walter Nadeau

    WTB or Trade: Charging cord for Gen 2 Wall Charger. Have 8', need 20"

    Hello all, I have a Gen 2 wall charger with an 8' charging cable. I have a model Y on the way, and now I need a longer cable to be able to charge both cars without always moving them from one side to the other in the garage. I am willing to buy your long cable, trade your long cable for my...
  7. L

    Want a USED Tesla Wall Connector With 8.5 ft Cable

    I truly don't need the Tesla Wall Connector itself. What I want is the 8.5 ft cable that comes with it. So if the wall connector apparatus is in bad shape, as long as the 8.5 ft cable is in good shape, I would be interested to buy it from you. Len Jacobson
  8. L

    8 1/2' Charging Cable

    A friend of mine recently purchased a Model 3 and was given not only the standard 20' (or is it 24'???) charging cable, but also a second cable that is 8 1/2' in length. Can anyone tell me how to acquire that shorter charging cable? Thank you. Len Jacobson
  9. K

    Automatic charge connection testing?

    I've noticed, as many of you probably have, that when you first connect an EVSE to a Tesla with charging scheduled at a later time, the Tesla still asserts READY and ramps up to a few amps. Then it drops READY to de-energize the cable and waits for the scheduled charging time. The whole process...
  10. srkerd

    Charging Extension Cord

    This is a 30ft extension cord that I had bought from Evannex. it is a Nema 14-50 extension cord. It is very thick so no problems with over heating. I have used this for my model S with no problems but since then I have installed a wall charger with a long cord so don't need this any more...
  11. D

    On Street Home Charging

    Hey, Newbie here - thanks for accommodating this question. I'm considering switching to a Tesla from a BMW so I'm deep in research mode. I live in Bristol - a typical Victorian/Edwardian street. I don't have a driveway; I'm on a corner, so I have a road out front and down the side of my...
  12. A

    Rescue Mode

    Given the amount of Tesla cars on the road, it would be great if there was a "Rescue mode" whereby a Tesla driver could donate some battery power to a stranded Tesla on the road. Both cars would have to be in the Rescue Mode (one to donate and one to receive)and utilize a cable with Tesla plugs...
  13. O

    will this charge handle continue to charge

    Will the handle in the first photo continue to charge with the center plastic part of the pin broken or missing? The second photo shows undamaged pins.
  14. G

    Charging cable longer than 20ft

    Hi guys, Is there any cable out there that is longer than 20ft for charging? Want your recommendations if there are any... Thanks in advance!
  15. Andrew

    Charging cable festoon in our garage

    Our driveway has a tight turn, so backing in the 3 (to get the charge port near the wall) isn't a good option (and the driver's door would be too close to our work bench, making it difficult to get in and out). We also have to zig-zag back-and-forth a few times to get into the garage, often...
  16. mrfra62

    Charging Model X

    So sorry guys. I'm new Tesla owner Model X. Maybe it has been posted before but can anyone tell me if it is possible to create home charging with the cable directly connected to high voltage power supply (in Dutch it would be "krachtstroom") 380/400 V? So it would be on one end the type 2 outlet...
  17. David29

    Snow in the WC charge cable connector

    Yesterday we had a major snowstorm in the northeast US. My Tesla Model S was parked outside, and plugged into my Tesla Wall Connector (WC). When the snow was over, the snow removal crews were clearing the parking lot at my condo, so I went out to clear off the car and move it so that my space...
  18. G

    New Tesla UMC Bundle

    Brand new Tesla UMC bundle for sale at $400 USD. Includes: Mobile Connector with 20' Cable NEMA 14-50 Adapter NEMA 5-15 Adapter J1772 Adapter Storage Bag Ordered extra bundle with vehicle, but have realized I am not in need of it. Never plugged in or used.
  19. C

    Anyone use 13A charging cable?

    I am going-to-be MX driver, just seeking advise from the group whether a 13A charging cable necessary? Thanks
  20. BigTaro

    Which adapters are in your car kit?

    I am awaiting the delivery of my 90D (can't wait!), and I am starting to prepare a charging kit for when I receive my car. I wanted to know if anyone here has found the need for additional adapters besides the ones that come with the car. I plan to get the CHAdeMO adapter as a few charging...
  21. D

    Charging cable wrangler (item for sale)

    My wife's new Model X needed some cable management love. So, thanks to 3D printing, I was able to create a set of three objects to help. All of the parts are available on thingyverse, if you have your own printer. If not, and you'd like a set for youself, I'm happy to print them out and mail...
  22. D

    50A UMB cord?

    looking for second charging cord. Anyone have one for sale or know where they can be purchased other than new from Tesla?
  23. G

    What cables & home charging solution should I get?

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I have ordered a Tesla being delivered in March next year hopefully. Have two questions about which cables to buy and which home charging solution to have installed for a vehicle with single charger. 1/ which cables? We live in Essex and will do a bit of...
  24. F

    Extension cord for 240V outlet?

    Hi! I am a brand new member and a very serious Model S prospective buyer. Apologies in advance if this question was already discussed, but I did not find it raised anywhere. We would visit our in-laws frequently in our Model S, so of course I would want some way to charge my Model S at their...
  25. L

    Burned 220V Adapter

    Has anyone else had a 220v Adapter burn or melt? I plug in to the same 220v outlet every day at work. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a "Charge Cable Fault" on my dash. When I unplugged, the adapter was very hot and I found this: The rear of the adapter was scorched. A Tesla Ranger came out...
  26. D

    Creating THE ULTIMATE automated charging station.

    Creating an automated charging station. Hi all, This post describes how I plan to install a 100% remote controlled charging station in my small 1 car garage for under $400 installed. I'm not sure if I'm more excited regarding this or the arrival of my new S. Any feedback or thoughts highly...
  27. F

    Roadster Accessories (Denver): Charge Cable, Hard Top Case, FREE TIRES, touchup paint

    I have the following available accessories for a Tesla Roadster (mine was 2.5 but these parts are universal): Note: Sorry but the charging cable and hard top case have both been sold, but I still have the OEM tires and thunder gray touch-up paint for someone in Denver! - (UPDATE: SOLD!) 240V...