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charging door

  1. R

    Problems with new Tesla in the Snow

    I've had my Tesla for three days, and I'm experiencing some frustrations. I'm hoping the forum can help: Wipers--we're getting our first snowfall and already the OEM wipers suck. They can't clear anything. I did look on the forum and see a few suggestions for alternatives: Bosch PUV and Trico...
  2. _abridged

    A Model 3 with two charge ports? Anyone know whats up?

    So I was browsing around on Aliexpress and came across a charge port cover for the Model 3. It shows the car having two charging ports. Was wondering if maybe non-US cars have two ports, or if this is just a weird product that nobody will use. Take a look at the pics to see what I mean.
  3. friday80s

    Is it OK to let the charging port door close over an unconnected J1772 adapter?

    There aren't enough charging stations to parking spaces at work so we usually park near a station and rely on coworkers who have finished charging to unplug their EV and plug in whoever's next in line. The stations are public level-2 EV-Connect stations which require the J1772 adapter to be left...
  4. jcoverton

    Delay auto locking of charging door

    I have my MS set to lock when I walk away from the vehicle. Each night in my garage, when I plug my in MS, I walk behind it to get the charging cord hanging on the wall. Before I can plug it in the car locks. Even if I open the charge door when I walk by, the car shuts the door and locks...